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Dingle Fan is a character role-played by Fyzicul


Dingle Fan is a bored old man who is the Cousin of Fingle Dan. He is also able to produce the Fingle Sauce.

Dingle has been attributed to being more experienced with "The Anus Region"

In conversation Fingle Dan has said that he sees Dingle as 'the number two Dan'


Dingle Fan is Fingle Dan's alleged cousin, he was born on April 4, 1939.

Recent Events

Dingle Fan was presumably resurrected by Fingle Dan and was destined to die (Fingle's Claim) at 8:00 A.M., it is unknown whether or not this applies to Pringle Dan, Dingle Fan's cousin.

On 9/10/21, after the death of Kevin Whipaloo, Dingle claimed that he was the one killed Kevin as he was there when Kevin was shot by the police. It is unconfirmed whether it was the cops or Dingle Fan, but one thing can be said for sure Kevin Whipaloo is dead.

On 11/6/21, Dingle and Texingle MURDERED Benchingle Dan and was subsequently put in for the 9's for his crimes.

On 11/12/21, Dingle was released on bail for the murder of Benchingle Dan.

On 1/15/22, Dingle's trial would finally happen over 3 months since he was released on bail.

On 1/20/22, Dingle went to jail for 10,000 months.

Fun Facts

  • Once rode with the Rohirrim


  • "Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow."
  • "Maybe you should listen to the guy with a gun for once."
  • "What a Dan day."
  • "I guess I'll just go and FUCK MYSELF."


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