Dimitri Barkov is a character role-played by Sams

Description Edit

Dimitri is a Russian tow truck and escort driver. He is also a former member of the HOA and a founder of Prune Tang Records.

History Edit

Dimitri Barkov a former Nightclub Owner who returned to Los Santos after 2 years because of one simple reason. 


Dimitri & The Russian Mafia Edit

Dimitri is frequently associated with The Russian Mafia because of his Russian accent & looks. The numerous people he meets are asking him often if he knew "Boris" (the Leader of The Russian Mafia), but he didn't know who he was. He was hesitant if he should join them because he didn't recognize anybody after his return to Los Santos and he didn't have the money to survive in the city.

I like to stick with my own you know, I don't need more Russians in my life right now. You know, but eventually you know, when I am good to know the city you know, maybe I reach out to them you know.
- Dimitri Barkov

His first meeting with the group came after a police car crashed into him. He came back to the accident scene and would be immediately kidnapped by The Russian Mafia as a hostage to rob a bank. But the bank was robbed before so they left quickly and instantly ordered him to stay in the bank. 

Anton Belov Edit

Anton (Member of The Russian Mafia) had a little bit of history with Dimitri, so after the failed bank robbery they kidnapped him again and had little chat in the sewers with him. He accused Dimitri to damage his vehicle and assaulted him while fueling his car afterward commissioned by Sun Moon. Dimitri denied all accusations and that he would remember and tell him if he did that to Anton. But it turned out that it happened in a "different county" (FamilyRP.)

Boris Ivanov Edit

Dimitri was a little bit confused every time someone asked him if he knew Boris or his group. So after the meeting with Anton, Igor & Stan, Dimitri asked if they are connected to him.

Sexuality Edit

Dimitri tries to seduce women constantly and tries to have as much sex as possible, but if the woman does not want to immediately have sex with him, he gives up and moves on to another woman.

Swolcainovs Edit

A group of friends including - Dimitri, Curtis Swoleroid and Luther Caine. The group started in the Maze Bank Arena parking lot just hours before Luther shot Dimitri's dick off.

Quotes Edit

  • "you know"
  • "you sure"
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