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Dick Fillet aka Chuck Danger is a character role-played by BananaDuck.

General Information

Dick Fillet is a pompous British man who works as a freelance news reporter. He idolized Ron Otterman and aspired to be like him, until he became an infamous news reporter himself. Dick is known to be intolerable as he enjoys talking about himself, yet he is valued by people who love his craft. Following a severe brain trauma, Dick has since transformed into Chuck Danger, a cool tough biker who has remarkably been more well liked by others than Dick himself.


"A pretentious Brit who thinks he is better than all of us and is the worst human possible" - Ursula

Dick used to be a stickler for observing traffic laws and giving people and businesses "Fillet" ratings in his reviews. During those times, Dick has managed to make famous films as a freelance news reporter, a passion that has gained a few fans along the way. His primary ambition in life was to find a wife so that he might inherit his mother's fortune, which consisted of a set of cheese knives. Dick has dated a few women but they have all shown hatred for Dick since he only talks about himself on each date. His split persona, Chuck Danger, has been the opposite of Dick in a couple of ways and as such has surprisingly attracted more women.

Split Personalities

Dick tends to adopt characters when he wears certain clothing. After Bryce Miller dressed him up to become more handsome and gather more dates, Dick adopted a character named "Pimp Fillet". On presenting himself as proper gentleman in another attempt to impress, he wore a suave white suit and fedora and called himself "Dick Fillét" (/fiˈlā). On "Chuck Danger", he wore a black leather jacket and a spiky black helmet to portray a tough biker persona.

Due to being hit to the head by a bat by then-mayor Abdul AlRahim, Dick has developed severe brain damage. Following numerous assaults against him on the Farmer's Market, Dean's World booths, and even on Dodo company grounds, Dick has created a real split personality of Chuck Danger, and has taken over Dick's mind.


The News and Ursula

Dick approached Dillon Dubbs of LSBN in hopes to join the company, and was shortly entrusted with making a contract video about manholes (which later became the first episode of the Dick Fillet Report). The film gained a lot of attention and reputation in the city, and Dick was rewarded handsomely. In hopes of impressing Ron, Dick dressed like him and talked like him

Dick was also eager to remove Ursula Leichenberg, then-CEO of the company, as he thought of her as a threat to his news career. Dick made several attempts to extort money from Ursula, including hiring people to join his threats. Bobbito Bottoms, a friend, was even hired to imitate Ron Otterman and "fake-fire" Ursula. Soon after Ursula discovered that Dick had paid some men to harass her, Dick went into hiding, changed his clothes and persona, and assumed a new identity as "Chuck Danger." Dick met Ursula on the pier to reach a compromise, but after being scared straight by Ursula's ultimatum, Dick professed his love for her in an attempt to avoid being killed. Shortly after, Ursula's fiance swung a bat at his head.

Business Reviews

In search of new content, Dick decided to record various businesses for food reviews and brought a camera to gather stock footage. This angered a lot of businesses as they presented a 'no filming' rule to their own private establishments. Dick contested as such places of businesses are public grounds but nevertheless he was declined.

After being treated as a difficult customer, he gave unsatisfactory reviews about UwU Café, Burger Shot, and Maldini's Pizzeria (Dick was banned at UwU Cafe for filming, robbed by employees at Maldini's, and "discovered" AIDS at Burger Shot). Dick was also rejected at the Farmer's Market and Dean World, after being assaulted by booth employees for aiming a camera them. He also found his nemesis with the owner of Shrugway Sandwiches, Joseph Arrowhead, after he accused Dick of filming him peeing. However, in Dick's defense, he was only filming the porta potty. Dick planned a legal action against Joseph but no lawyer was ready to help him.

Rooster's Rest is the only establishment that Dick ever gave a rating of 4/5 fillets, and remains his favorite restaurant. Dick has given a high rating to Rooster's Inn months before.

The Lost and The Fuck Joseph Arrowhead Association (Chuck Danger Returns)

On a fateful night of February 2022, Dick received a call from Paddy of the Lost MC, who revealed to have a mutual interest in disliking Joseph Arrowhead, the owner of Shrugway Sandwiches. Preparing to meet him and the Lost, Dick wore his Chuck Danger outfit. Just like other outfits that influence his actions, he also took the biker persona and immediately declared himself as the "Shadow Leader of the Lost" in a phone call with Ursula. Shortly, Chuck took Dick's mind, due to his creeping brain trauma from all the assaults he received.

Not long enough and having already received mixed reactions as Chuck invited himself to the Lost compound, Chuck met up with Paddy and agreed to continue their original goal, screwing Arrowhead. With a Lost MC prospect tasked to aid Chuck, the pair leered on Arrowhead at the Dean World with a camera on hand, hoping to catch Arrowhead at his worst. After messing with Arrowhead's truck one too many times and always getting shot by him, antagonizing Arrowhead has become Chuck's favorite pastime.

The Lost is not too sure with this new Dick Fillet. Paddy tried his best to make Chuck return to normal to no avail. Despite this, Lost MC President Rudi entrusted a Lost bike to Chuck, much to the Lost members' surprise. After sending the Lost bike to impound and telling everyone that he is a shadow leader of the Lost, Chuck received the Lost MC's wrath after leaving the prison.

The Shrugway mission with Paddy and the Lost MC ends but the antagonism between Chuck and Joseph lingers for a while.

The Ursula and Chuck Love Story

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Chuck Danger and the BBMC

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Dick has a great talent to almost immediately repel a lot of potential friendships. However since being Chuck, he has since made an interesting following and later have gone down to become a sexual fiend for reasons that he could be saved before his timely death on September 9th, according to science.
(❤️ = Chuck has a sexual relationship with)

  • Ursula Leichenberg❤️ - Dick's former LSBN boss and rival, Chuck's romantic old lady, and former flame later.
  • Bobbito Bottoms - First friend who aided Dick in his shenanigans. Bobbito thinks Dick is still in Chuck.
  • Dillon Dubbs - LSBN boss who contracted Dick for his videos.
  • Ari Preston - Weazel News reporter who met Dick during the day when Dillon contracted them both for a "manhole" video.
  • Travis Rashguard - Weazel News reporter who met Dick through Ari. Became Dick's friend through his shenanigans.
  • Bryce Miller - Self proclaimed matchmaker who set up dates for Dick one time.
  • Dawn Hearte - Dick's former crush and one of his first dates who he took to Dean World before its renovation. Dawn doesn't like Dick and Chuck, especially after becoming a Lost MC Old Lady.
  • Sherry Paie - Dawn's best friend. She doesn't like Dick but is partial to Chuck.
  • Steven Hayes - Encountered Dick once by the Dean World and doesn't like Chuck. According to Chuck, Steven is appointed by science to save Chuck's life through baby-bird feeding before his timely death on September 9th.
  • Mila Smoak - Dick's fiance now Chuck's wife after he tells it to her one day.
  • Joseph Arrowhead❤️ - The famous owner of Shrugway Sandwiches and dislikes Dick and Chuck. However after a fateful event where he inadvertently saved Chuck from the BBMC, their relationship has quickly turned around.
  • Paddy Scratch-Patrickson - A Lost MC Old Lady member who is a fan of The Dick Report and shares a mutual hate against Joseph Arrowhead. Paddy doesn't like Chuck Danger and attempted to change him back into Dick one time.
  • Lost MC - Was partial to Chuck after he entered Stab City by himself. Most of the Lost MC doesn't like Chuck, especially Enforcer Negan Graham.
  • David Wonders - A mime who Chuck allied with and warred against the Clowns.
  • Clowncil a.k.a. The Clowns - A group who Chuck warred against for a few days.
  • Bondi Boys MC - A motorcycle club who Chuck was friends with until he shot at their turf (and shot a jacketed member) after Enforcer Collin McKinley shot him.
  • Nancy Drew - A famous Cerberus executive who Chuck lost his cool to after he indirectly called Nancy a prostitute. Nancy is also the girlfriend of Collin McKinley and inadvertently started a war between Chuck and the BBMC.
  • Glorious Jackson - A snazzy gentleman who vibes with Chuck and has become Chuck's wingman.
  • Damien Tinkerman❤️
  • Pete Richards❤️


The Dick Report

A critical documentary series about anything in Los Santos that Dick takes interest into.

Released Title Summary
Jun '21 "Satellite Dishes" Pilot episode. Dick rates satellite dishes around Los Santos.
"Manholes" Dick gives a history of manholes.
"Ursula Leichenberg" A comprehensive report on Ursula Leichenberg.

Short Videos

Dick does independent videos when not doing investigative work for his documentary.

Released Title Summary
Jul '21 "Law & Order Special Mime Unit" Dick improvises the Law and Order intro for David Wonders.
Jan '22 "DoDo Logistics" An advertisement on Dodo Logistics. Featuring Big Andy.


  • Chuck believes to have served in the Vietnam War.
  • Chuck wears scuba flippers to catch his passing poop and flick it off to unsuspecting police officers.
  • Chuck predicts to die by the 9th of September, 2022.

  • Dick has a mild case of hemorrhoids. He sometimes lather hemorrhoid cream on the seat of his moped called Darlene.
  • He feels like a 'bad ass' when he wears his 'Pimp Fillet' outfit.
  • Dick loves cheese so much he sweats profusely while eating it.
  • His talent is Mongolian throat singing.
  • Dick thrusts his hips when he wants to remember a person's name.
  • He has a crush on Kyle Pred and wants to create a calendar of him.
  • He rated Irwin Dundee 4/5 fillets after Dundee demonstrated a teleporting magic trick once.


  • "Chuck Danger!" (Chuck Danger) (chuck danger) *guitar riff*
  • *Motorcycle noises*
  • "What's going on?"
  • "I'm sort of a big deal around here"
  • "I'm the liquid man!"
  • ...I'm here today with demand not a request. Gonna name the city, Chuck Santos. (on a town hall meeting)

  • "Dick Fillet!"
  • "That's illegal!"
  • "... what the devil!?"
  • "I'm sorry, were you saying something?"
  • "Well, I mean I like convenience so you don't have much of a choice" (on breaking Ursula's house fences)

Played By: BananaDuck
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