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Diandra Rollins is a character role-played by Hirona.

General Description

Diandra Rollins is a member of The Frat.

Background Information

Diandra Rollins is a twenty-something year old that previously studied at Florida State University with Alex Marshall and Jackson Caldwell. During her time studying at FSU, she was in a relationship with Jackson, but a falling out split them up and sent Jackson to Los Santos to visit Alex, while she stayed back in Florida. After a supposed rekindling with Jackson, she has moved to Los Santos and become a member of The Frat on March 28, 2020.


  • Diandra is a self-proclaimed philosopher after having studied for a minor in philosophy.
  • During a vacation with Jackson and Alex, she caused them to have a falling out over her.
  • Since arriving in Los Santos, she, as well as Sarah Reynolds have been greatly desired by the male members of The Frat.
  • Diandra has a prosthetic foot.
  • Along with Jackson they burp into each other to guess what they ate that day.

Played By: Hirona
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