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Diana Aventina is a character role-played by Evee.


Diana Aventina is a former park ranger who over the years became fed up with the illegal poaching going on in her neck of the woods. She quit her job and moved into a small commune in the Mount Chiliad wilderness forest area with her massive wolf hybrid, Apollo. Diana vowed to protect her woods as she had always done as a ranger.

She begins by laying out steel bear traps and waiting for would be poachers to accidentally set off the trap, crushing their ankle and leaving them to bleed - unable to free themselves from the steel trap. Diana would take them back to her home and keep them captive until the hunters became extremely malnourished. She then slices the back of their Achilles tendons and makes them run. It is then she sets out with Apollo and tracks her prey down, following the trail of blood, turning the hunters into the hunted...

After years of living in the woods, Diana has become somewhat of an urban legend. Locals say that if you're in the woods after dark and you start to hear howling, it's already too late.

"Oh hey darlin, you look a little lost. You ain't from around these parts, are you? Oh, what is that over your shoulder... Looks like a mountain lion pelt and a mighty fine one at that. You know what, why don't you follow me and I'll treat you to a little well kept secret. A huntin' spot that only the locals know of.. Watch your footing though, this area is a little uneven. Oh my, now look what you did you set off one of my steel traps. Now that is lookin like it hurts with all that blood and whatnot comin' out your ankle. Stop yer screamin, you'll scare off all the animals. Although, I guess that don't matter too much right now considerin I just got my prey."


  1. Simon Hardington, poacher. Crime scene.
  2. The rest of Simon Hardington, poacher. Crime scene.
  1. Missing Hunter. Crime scene.


In Roman mythology, Diana is considered the goddess of the wilderness and of the hunt. She is celebrated as the patron of hunters. The goddess is known for carrying a bow and quiver full of golden arrows. As one of the goddesses of the Moon, she also holds guardianship over "crossroads" and one of her primary tasks is ushering people between life and death - hence why Diana mostly kills at night. Diana is considered a triple goddess in that she is also the goddess of childbirth, including birthing and later taking care/training dogs used for hunting. Her dog is named after the goddesses twin brother, Apollo.

Played By: Evee
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