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The Diamond Dogs are a gang created and founded by Sai Carter.


The Diamond Dogs are a loose group of individuals that occasionally hang out together to do crime, joyriding, robbing banks, and selling drugs. Located in Sandy Shores, the Diamond Dogs spend much of their time on Mount Gordo poaching and weed farming. They also used to sell meth in Sandy Shores.

Terrorism and The Nines

In September 2021, Sai, Salvatore "Big Pussy" Tamburlini and Pete Herrera were given the 9s after attempting to kidnap Officer Lily Pond from the ICU at Pillbox Medical Center .

In December 2021, Big Pussy was charged with terrorism after setting up an ambush on cops and allegedly yelling "Hell Week" at his Sandy Shores home. He pled guilty in the cells and served one year at Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Sai was charged with accessory to terrorism and also pled guilty, and served a half a year.

The Lost

After the crime blackout in April 2022, Reed Dankleaf invited Sai to join the Lost MC as a prospect. He renounced his leadership position in the Diamond Dogs, although he still hangs out with his friends and does crime with them on occasion.

By August 2022, the majority of the Diamond Dogs became interested in joining the Lost. They were sponsored by various members as prospects.