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Diamond Casino Hotel is a hotel owned by Dean Watson & ran by Tommy Tate and Sabith Cohen. The hotel is located within the Diamond Casino and Resort building.


Cerberus ran the 'Corpo Kid' TV show in order to find someone to be the CEO of Dean's new hotel. Both Tommy and Sabith, nicknamed Bunny, ended the show as winners.

Casino Hotel Opening Event

On 1st October 2021 Tommy Tate and Sabith "Bunny" Cohen hosted the Casino Hotels launch even on the Casinos rooftop, the event was one of the largest gatherings for an event with over 80 people being present at the event. To celebrate the opening many companies and other partners were invited to take part in the auction taking place at the event with companies such as the National Paintball Association, UwU Cafe, Corleones' Steaks and Bahama Mamas taking part in the silent action with UwU Cafe managing to auction off a painting of the winner which would be permanently placed inside the Cafe for over $100,000. The main auction took place next to the roof edge where two cars, a Porsche Panamera and a Jester Classic were on display to be auctioned, along with a one of a kind unique NoPixel Trading Card and a one of a kind personalised chain created by Mr K, at the end of the auction everything except the Porsche Panamera managed to get sold, with the chain going for over $100,000.

Auction Winners:

  • NPA Paintball Game: Hubcap Jones, winning bid:
  • UwU Cafe Personal Portrait: Marlo Stanfield, winning bid: $175,000
  • Corleone Steaks: Benji Ramos, winning bid: $15,000
  • Bahama Mamas VIP Event: Sebastian, winning bid: $10,000
  • NoPixel Trading Card: Vince Watson bought for $53,000
  • Personalised Chain: Jack Cortair bought for $105,000
  • Porsche Panamera: No Buyer
  • Jester Classic: James Arsenal bought for $700,000