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Devo Mans is a character role-played by DevoManiac.


Devo Mans, also known as "DevoMan" by his closest companions, is a former world-class BMX racer and trick artist, perhaps best known for his appearance (and subsequent controversy) during the 2020 Summer X Games held in Minneapolis, MN (see BMX Career).

Following the events of his X Games appearance and subsequent suspension, Mans vowed an indefinite leave of absence from the BMX world, moving across the country to the city of Los Santos, where he began accepting stuntman jobs for the booming Vinewood film industry (see Stuntman Career).

Already considered washed up by his extreme sports peers at his advanced age of 21, Mans has no intentions of going back, seeking a brand new life with more potential in his brand new home.

BabyFace Bandit

DevoMan's current, active criminal alias is known by locals and authorities as the "BabyFace Bandit", a masked, store-robbing degenerate mimicking the attire of a toddler...dressed in brown cowboy boots, men's white cotton briefs (tighty whities), a plain white t-shirt, and a full-face mask bearing short yellow curls and chubby cheeks. He also sports a voice-changing device, which he hides in his briefs, to further mask his identity, mimicking the high-pitched screech of a 3-year-old.

BabyFace Bandit's Current Criminal Accolades (allegedly)

  • Estimated # of Stores Hit without Apprehension: 1 (1-0)
  • Estimated Take (and City Damages) Resulting from Store Robberies: $259.00

BMX Career

First learning to ride a bike without training wheels at the unusually young age of 2, Devo Mans began racing and performing tricks on a BMX bike from the age of 5, mostly bunny-hops and bar spins. By the time he was 10, he was already performing in local professional events with competitors twice his age, winning races, street events, and vert events alike.

Although renown for his natural racing and tricking ability, he is perhaps more well-known for his overly-ambitious stunts and general, a recklessness and disregard for his own body. Mans has suffered several injuries in his short 21 years.

X Games 2020

BMX Big Air

In his 1st ever X Games Event, Mans attempted to land the first ever quad-backflip tailwhip, which resulted in a shattered right forearm.

BMX Vert

In DevoMan's 2nd of three events, he was able to place 3rd, despite shattering his right arm during a massive spill in the Big Air event, and despite the fact that he failed his final of 3 tricks (attempting a 1080 double-barspin).

BMX Dirt: The Incident

In his final event, Mans was the subject of much controversy which up-ended the entire extreme sports world. During BMX Dirt, a racing event, Mans lapped all competitors, and proceeded to leave his bike and wait at the finish line while taunting each passerby as they began their final lap. One competitor was on the receiving end of a "full-moon", while another received two "birds" to the face. Yet another stopped his bike, only to begin engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Mans, which resulted in a "DNF" for both competitors.

The entire event was broadcast live, but was ended abruptly following the onset of Mans's fistfight. ESPN lost several sponsorships/advertisers as a result. Mans was subsequently banned indefinitely from all future events for his participation and (ultimately) his incitement of said events.