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Deshawn King is a character role-played by Nescoh

Background & Description

Deshawn was a young kid that grew up in the Vinewood Hills, for most of his younger years he was spoiled with anything he could ever want, money, cars, jobs, you name it. Once he turned 19 he got into a bad crowd mixed with drugs and gangsters, after he was criminally charged with selling weed his parents disowned him and said he was a lost cause. From this point forward he didn't have that support from his parents, so he turned to what he had at the time which was the streets. From then until now, Deshawn has earned his money through drugs, illegal pelts from hunting, and working for the Ballas hoping that one day he can call them his family.

Deshawn is likely one of the Ballas aside from Dimitri that's more friendly and accepting towards people who don't come off rude or violent to him, he's willing to be open about his past and why he wanted to be apart of a set but also once his trust has been broken he will stop at nothing to make sure those people learn why trust means a lot to him. Overall, Deshawn is nice to everyone who hasn't done him wrong and even sometimes regrets what he's done to some people. But that's how Gang Life is and he has to accept it.

Deshawn is a Prospect for the Ballas

Deshawn died on 03/01/22 after being shot by Luka Kozlov during a prison riot.


Jack Ripley + Selena Mendoza + Conan Clarkson + Vera Tea

Personality Traits

Positives: +Self Control +Determination +Kindness +Good at getting himself out of situations +Good at making friends with anyone.

Negatives: -Can be very violent -Hesitant -Attitude -Aggressive

Helping a Friend

On 10/18/2021, Dimitri Azmanov's Girlfriend Ora was having trouble with a "stalker" who kept continuously calling her and making violent threats and telling her that he's waiting for her at home. Deshawn came up with a plan alongside Ora , Baby D, Zelda , and Dimitri. The plan was fairly simple and was essentially that Ora would stand outside her house until the guy showed up, they were going to kidnap him and take him down to the Canals Next to the Cul-de-sac and letting Dimitri have him. Although he never showed up they did have a funny interaction with the Lost MC where they got Oil Can Suppressors.

Later on the cul-de-sac, it became a little joke between Deshawn and Zelda when they pulled their pistols out and there was a big can around the gun.

Oxy Raid

On 10/23/2021, Deshawn was caught running Oxy in a Brown Granger. He was found guilty of Joyriding, Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) and Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute with 18x Oxy and 1x Green Laptop Dongle, Air-1 occupied by Crocodile Steve and Matthew Espinoz followed Deshawn to the Alta St. Apartments and watched him walk into the elevators, 30 seconds later he ran out in a black t-shirt and motorcycle helmet where he was detained and identified by Espinoz and Steve. After arrested, he was brought to MRPD where he spoke with a lawyer regarding his charges and agreed to let the police raid him but anything else they found in his possession he wouldn't be charged for them. During the raid he was found in possession of 33 Rolled Bills, 1x Human Tooth, 3x M9 Berettas, and 1x Diamondback, 1x Delivery List, and 1x Phone Dongle. Deshawn later plead guilty to avoid the 9's and was fined $12,000 and sentenced to 100 Months.

Left Alone

On 12/27/2021, Deshawn learned that his Father named 'Trevon King' was involved in a shooting in Vinewood Hills, a group of 3 blacked out individuals were robbing Trevon's mansion when he had heard them making noise. When Trevon went to check on it without a weapon and was beaten and shot down by the robbers and they fled the house in a all blacked out van. Deshawn found out after Pillbox had called him and informed him on the matter and although Deshawn's parents disowned him at a young age, he still felt horrible for never speaking to his father after they parted their ways. In result of this event, Deshawn had received he's father's will and it stated specifically that he was "a disgrace to the family" and later on Deshawn was found barely alive in the forest behind Paleto Gas Station stabbed nearly to death. Deshawn struggled to tell anyone about this out of fear of seeming soft or like a pussy but Demetrius, and Tyrell are aware of the situation. A filed Police report of the situation labels Vera Tea as the person who found Deshawn's body which Deshawn was notified about a few days after from Espinoz.

Blood For Blood

After 'Left Alone' Deshawn ended up in ICU and woke up not remembering anything that had happened. Upon waking up he was informed by a Doctor that there was a police report filed. Deshawn called Matthew Espinoz and learned that Vera Tea was the one who found Deshawn's body. After speaking with Espinoz, Deshawn called Vera for her side of the story and she seemed suspicous and very vague on her answers. Deshawn continued to call Demetrius Jones (Draco) and explain that he believes Vera did it. Draco told Deshawn that he'd kidnap Veronica Garcia so that Deshawn could get some revenge. Moving forward, Draco did just that and Deshawn ended up removing one of Vero's Kidney's and messing her up pretty badly with trauma to her recent injuries.

About a day later, Deshawn caught Vera running Oxy and kidnapped her. He brought Vera out into Sandy Shores under a highway bridge and talked to her for a good 20 minutes about his ICU incident and their "friendship" that was quickly being destroyed by the fact that Deshawn told Vera he put Vero in the ICU. Deshawn finished with calling Vera worthless and literally stabbing her in the back using it as a reference to stabbing a friend in the back after breaking ones trust. Vera was admitted into the ICU on 12/29/21 and discharged 2 hours after being admitted.

A few days after these events, Deshawn along with 2 Ballas Hangaround were caught doing Oxy and shot down. Vera took Deshawn and kidnapped him to Grandma's, Deshawn was taken to a torture room in Grapeseed and stabbed 22 times after losing one kidney and his right index finger.


Chonchi Saucerton - Chonchi was one of the first people that Deshawn met, they are often seen together doing Boosting, Fishing, being nerds with trading cards or other mischief.

Zoog Volkov Martinez - Kitty (Zoog Volkov Martinez) was the second Balla that Deshawn met when he first met Mando Thompson. Deshawn and Kitty quickly became friends and usually was someone Deshawn would sell things to when other weren't around. When Kitty left the Ballas, Deshawn still spoke with him and wanted to stay friends but Kitty later disappeared resulting in Deshawn thinking he was killed.

Dimitri Azmanov - Dimitri was introduced to Deshawn once he started meeting a lot of the Ballas, they typically don't hangout together unless their down on the sac or are casually doing a Dodo Run and or Fishing, but often see each other around and have business together.

Lucas "Wolfy" Frank - Wolfy was another Balla that Deshawn met around the same time he met Kitty. Deshawn and Wolfy get around very well together and have hung out several times, often they have ran Oxy, Robbed Oxy Runners, and chilled on the cul de sac at times. Wolfy was also the reason Deshawn learned about a lot of criminal jobs in and around the city, almost like a mentor to Deshawn on how to act around the Ballas.

Antonio Carter Jr. - Deshawn and AJ first met when Crackhead Craig wanted Deshawn to get into doing some more work for the set, since they met they've been seen around a lot together whether it's doing crime or hanging out. They seem to get along well together and AJ has been pretty supportive regardless of Deshawn's few mess-ups while working with him.

Arthur Figure Tate-Malum - Arthur, better known as 'Figure'. Met Deshawn during a time he was boosting cars with Chonchi, They seemed to get along pretty quickly and understand where they both stand on the streets, Figure being more or less "affiliated" with Vagos and Deshawn working for the Ballas. Regardless, they often hangout with Chonchi and help the boosting process together and defend each other while doing jobs.

Lewis Collins - Although Lewis is a cop, Deshawn and him met while on the way to a B-Class Boost during 3.0. Chonchi and Deshawn were driving a bike at high speed when Collins crashed into them and sent both Chonchi and Deshawn flying off the bike. Lewis was extremely caring and supportive and offered to pay for their repairs which Deshawn saw as very kind and something other cops would just look the other way and normally drive off. Since that day, Lewis and Deshawn have spoken regularly as friends but have not exchanged information regarding Ballas due to Deshawn's loyalty to them.

Crystal Clear - Deshawn met Crystal during her cadet phase in PD, they met during the time that Crystal had been in a wheelchair for medical reasons and Deshawn gave Crystal a speech regarding her current situation and how he believes she can improve her status and become a better cop. It was a rather deep conversation but since then he's sworn to her he'll never shoot at her because he wouldn't want to inflict that pain on someone like her.

Flop Dugong - Flop is one of the cops that Deshawn likes, they have a mutual understanding of each other that they both are gonna do what they gotta do in order to get through life. Deshawn understands he's a cop and will have to arrest him from time and Flop understands Deshawn lives the gang life and does what he has to in order to make money and survive.


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Played By: Nescoh
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