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Derek Bogart was a character role-played by FragZone.


Derek Bogart was a member of the Condemned MC, the owner of Mojito Inn and an event coordinator for the NPA (National Paintball Association). He had over 500 contacts in his phone and is extremely well known among the citizens of Los Santos.

Although starting out as a prospect, he rose to become Vice President and later President of the Condemned MC. Derek was responsible for some of the most valuable venues of profit and connections for the club. Gangs and Organizations from all over the city reached out to him for goods and information on a daily basis.

Derek's plans for Mojito Inn and Paleto as a whole were capable of changing the city dramatically. The business/construction proposal which was approved by Andi Jones consisted of a unique array of commodities including; pool, darts, arm wrestling, live music and a way to use dirty rolls of cash to play poker at an exclusive table.

Derek was often found wearing his biker helmet, oni half-mask and Codemned MC leather jacket, as well as sunglasses and biker gloves to complete his look.

One of the very few people Derek trusted entirely was Kimberly Daniels. They began dating after he was released on bail from a held-until-trial charge. While he was still incarcerated she recited a poem to him through the glass that explained how she felt about him.

Derek's relationships gradually fell apart on his way to becoming President and afterwards. He trusted very few people, acted short, disrespectful and lied constantly even to his own club. He showed up less and less and helped out very little. By the time a Mayhem vote came around within the club there was no need to even provide a reason for it, everyone was aware that killing him was the best course of action for the people in the club and even the city.

In recent times Derek has made an effort to show more restraint when it comes to conflicts, instead of simply shooting offenders in the face to resolve problems. However, recent events regarding law enforcement and other groups are eroding this behavior.


Derek was born in Michigan and grew up in Flint. He left home in 2001.

Prior to living in Los Santos Derek served in the military, working in special forces. He still maintains his rifle, which has over one hundred confirmed kills and is showcased in his home.

Critical Events

Trespassing Incident

On May 12, 2021, Derek was fishing with a new employee Kimberly Daniels, and was telling her about the nearby warehouse while they were leaving the premises, saying how he used to grow weed inside of it. As they were walking past they could see flashes of green through the boards and cracks in the wall. Curiosity overtook him and they wandered inside to see a packed building full of rows of weed. Recalling days past in the MC when weed was illegal and they often raided farms, Derek stole two buds from ready plants before they left and began planning to heist the whole place.

They left to Grapeseed and Derek called in two associates, Fritz Ericson and Condemned MC prospect Arthur Morgan to aid in the task. They stole two Sandkings and stashed them in preparation for a few hours later. Derek offered Kim to stay and provide overwatch on a nearby building if she was uncomfortable with the situation but she refused, she was briefly taught to blackout and mask her voice. The two stolen buds were stored in apartments separately while they waited. Upon returning, they backed the Sandkings up to the entrance and immediately went inside, except for Kim, who ran in a moment later exclaiming a Ranger was coming.

Hoping to diffuse the awkward situation, Derek exited the warehouse and began talking to Tessa Lamb. In hind-sight, shooting her would have been the better option. He conversed with her extensively, even as she called for backup when seeing other people inside the warehouse. Eventually, Kimberly exited with her hands-up and the rest followed. They were all detained, questioned and ultimately sent to prison on a 24-hour investigatory hold because of the two missing plants from hours prior, despite having no stolen goods or illegal items on their persons or in their vehicles.

Derek spent nearly 2,400 months in prison during the hold, a lot of that time was spent bonding with Kim, making friends with lifers and fighting against a dark cloud looming over his head about the raid. The first day in prison, Derek was defending Kim from the lifers and traumatic experience of her first time in prison. He prevented her from being purchased and essentially claimed ownership over her, making her his prison wife in their eyes. He would have died to protect her during their stint in prison. After being released Derek promoted Kimberly to CEO of Mojito Inn.

Raid on Condemned MC's VP

The trespassing incident led to a raid on Derek's house, where they found an extensive list of illicit goods. They were looking for the two missing buds from the warehouse, they found an old bud but it was not the one that was stolen. The following items were confiscated from his home:

  • 1 Wet Bud containing (100 grams)
  • 2 Marijuana Seeds
  • 1 pair of Handcuffs (marked for Police Seizure)
  • 3 Uzi's (Class 2 firearms)
  • 2 Mac-10's (Class 2 firearms)
  • 1 Beretta belonging to Hank Marston
  • 77 Moonshine Jugs
  • 1 bag of Meth
  • 244 Big Bands of Notes
  • 262 Small Rolls of Notes
  • 1 briefcase with $8250 inside

Mayhem Vote in Condemned

In late October a Mayhem voted passed within the club to kill Derek Bogart. The execution never took place due to him leaving the city permanently.


Defending the Mayor's Honor

Harry Phartz , Tuo Chens and Derek Bogart were running sanitation jobs to collect glass for the Mirror Park Tavern and Kray Tor. After a short time Maxine Feral began to talk poorly about the Mayor (Andi Jones) on Twatter, when Kray Tor approached the crew while at the Tavern with an offer of a job to find Maxine Feral and make her apologize on Twatter before giving her a beating...

After accepting the job, the crew changed into full tree-bark camo outfits and began to speak in a higher pitch to mask their voices (sounding like mickey-mouse) and began to devise a plan. This is when Derek Bogart took lead and devised a plan to kidnap someone (the crew used close friend Captain Moosebeard) and use them to bait Maxine Feral out on Twatter to get her phone number and current location.

A short while later, the plan was executed flawlessly and the crew leaned that Maxine Feral was at the casino, so the crew stole a vehicle and headed over to find Maxine Feral in the parking lot with a friend. After observing for a short time the crew rolled up, kidnapping her and driving her up into Vinewood Hills where she was forced to Twat out her apology and was beaten unconscious, successfully completing the mission assigned to them.

Kray-Tor Tests the "Glass Goons"

Kray Tor contacted Tuo Chens with a mission for the now dubbed "Mickey Mouse Club" (by others who ran into the crew during their mission to find Maxine Feral) or "Glass Goons" (by Kray-Tor) to collect 25 bands for an opportunity at something "very interesting".

The next day, Tuo Chens informed Derek Bogart of the offered mission and Derek decides to combine the bands Harry Phartz and Derek already have stored in their home in Paleto Bay to turn in and complete the mission to discover what the "very interesting" opportunity is that Kray Tor has.

A short while after dropping the 25 bands off to Kray Tor; Tuo Chens and Derek got a ping to meet in Sandy Shores where Kray Tor unveiled a jug of Moonshine and an exclusive offer to distribute this Moonshine in the state and would use this first batch of 25 as a test to see how much the "Glass Goons" could possibly move.

The First Shipment

Derek Bogart (who Kray-Tor referred to as the "#1 Glass Goon") got in touch with Kray Tor to set up a meeting with the intention of informing him of the VPN's and their ability to mask your identity when sending pings, as well as give Kray Tor a status update and inquire about filling their first full order.

After giving Kray Tor the run down about the VPN, Derek asked if they can place another Moonshine order and if there are any limitations for how much he can get. When Kray Tor jokingly said "there is no limit per say", Derek asked to get a batch of 100 jugs and if it would ne possible to double that into an order of 200 jugs of Moonshine (seemingly surprising Kray Tor).

After exchanging 100 bands at the meeting, Kray Tor set off to pick-up the order and double check his supply to confirm if an order of 200 was possible or not before informing Derek that an order of 200 could be done. Upon hearing the good news, Derek Bogart decided to double the order to 200 for an additional 100 bands and the exchanges were made without a hitch!