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Dequarius "Big D" Johnson is a character role-played by Coolio.


Dequarius Johnson, known as "Big D", is an OG member of Chang Gang and the son of Gladys Berry. He is the co-owner and CEO of BD & BD's Bike Shop.

He is commonly seen shirtless and with a fedora atop a bicycle. Known to be very good with bicycle tricks and scuffing everything around him and known as the BMX Bike God.

Trivia & Achievements

  • How Big D joined CG
  • He has been part of all of NoPixel servers.
  • He was once perma'd in the 1.0 server by Honathan Yolo; his last words being "Uh, I'm stuck".
  • Big D remains one the best BMX bikers in the server despite changes to bike mechanics.
  • He once vowed to sue the city because they removed the "air mechanics" that allowed him to do tricks on the BMX Bike.
  • Big D's odds of escaping the police if he is on a BMX increases dramatically.
  • Big D's pet pug Lil D was gifted to him by Vinny Pistone.
  • Similar to Ramee El-Rahman, Big D is Muslim.
  • Big D joined Chang Gang before Vinny and Ramee, and is technically their OG.
  • Jack Ripley claims that his current crime record is only one-third of his actual crimes. He has the longest crime record in L.S. but he is pretty good at escaping, especially on a BMX bike.
  • Big D released a diss track titled "Vinny's A Bitch". It featured Chang, Ramee and Randy Bullet.
  • He has at least one unreleased song, a love song dedicated to Liz Anya.
  • He once had one of the worst criminal records in the city, next to Melbert Rickenbacker.
  • Has "12 inches of wood".
  • Has a foot fetish.
  • He can quote several laws in Los Santos straight from memory and once expressed interest in becoming a judge.
  • According to Mr. Kebun, Big D is the real "Patient Zero" of Small Brain Syndrome (SBS), not Ramee.
  • Big D is regarded as the "sleeper" member of the Chang Gang, being one of the more resourceful and "clutch" members of the gang.
  • As of 2022, Big D has become one of Chang Gang's main hackers, being almost as consistent and reliable as Double R.
  • Beware of the Sonic Boom.



Songs as a Lead Artist
Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
Vinny's a Bitch (Ft. Changus Khan, Randy Bullet, Ramee) May 25th, 2019
A Song for Karen May 30th, 2019
Spare Coochie Ma'am (Ft. Oswald Tinkerman) December 2nd, 2021
Songs as a Featured Artist
Lead Artist
Featured Artist(s)
Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
WuChang Crazy Ramee, Lil' Erf, Austin Creed, Big D & Wayne Biggz January 25, 2020
Rags To Riches (Big D Remix) Lil' Cap Big D April 29th, 2021
Bullet Express Randy Bullet P Money, Big D, Wayne Biggz, Wiked January 14th, 2022


  • "Waaaaaaaavecheck"
  • "shut your mouth"
  • "i'm a bmx god"
  • "shut your bitch ass up"
  • "Wave check"


Played By: Coolio
Characters: Dequarius JohnsonAdam HoppingGianni PistoneDarren W. McDewGiani CalzoneNicholas Flamino