Dequarius "Big D" Johnson he is roleplayed by Coolio

Background[edit | edit source]

Dequarius Johnson known as "Big D" is a member of Chang Gang and the son of Gladys Berry.

He is commonly seen shirtless and with a fedora. Known to be very good with bicycle tricks and scuffing everything around him and known as the BMX Bike God.

He vowed to sue the city because they removed the "air mechanics" that allowed him to do tricks on the BMX Bike.

Jack Ripley claims that his current crime record is only one-third of his actual crimes. He has the longest crime record in L.S. but he is pretty good at escaping, especially on a BMX bike.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Astrid Del Rio[edit | edit source]

Current wife married at the steps of the court house. She had left the city and went missing and Big D once again single.(CLIP)

Olivia Copper[edit | edit source]

He had a relationship with her in the old server and as of recent he has rekindled the relationship with her after Ramee stopped caring for her.

Maurice Jackson[edit | edit source]

He was lover and best friend Big D had even openly admitted his love to him in front of Chang, Randy, Ramee, and Taco at the "Big D house".They broke up after he confessed his true love for Chang. Maurice kidnapped him to make Chang jealous but asked for Ramee in return of Big D. Big D says he still loves Maurice and said he thought they were in a open relationship.

Trivia & Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Created Big D's Money Crew a name that he gave the Chang Gang.
  • One the best BMX biker's in the server before the bike mechanic changed.
  • Has one of the worst criminal records next to Melbert Rickenbacker.
  • Been part of the old and new servers.
  • Has "12 inches of wood"
  • The "sleeper" member of the Chang Gang.
  • The girl that is tattooed on his back is from a girl that once kidnapped him and tattooed it on his back.
  • Use to be called the scuff lord back in the old server because his internet connection was trash and would scuff the cars in the server up making them undrive-able.
  • Big D released a diss track titled "Vinny's A Bitch". It featured Chang, Ramee and Randy Bullet.
  • He had been perm'd once in the old server, his last words "Uh, i'm stuck".
  • He can quote several laws in Los Santos straight from memory and is interested in becoming a Judge for the City.

Clips[edit | edit source]

Old Server

  1. My first day as Big D. Warning Headphone Users
  2. GTA RP - Nopixel | Dequarius "Big D" Johnson
  4. coma
  5. 12 in of wood
  6. Stuck in the Car
  7. Big D before his Transformation. (No Booly Pls BibleThump) (coolio's short lived woman character)

New Server

  1. Big D vs Tim Lee prison fight
  2. big D comes in clutch
  3. vinny dis-trac
  4. Big D gets "the talk"
  5. girl crazy for big D goes for the stab
  6. Big D the BMX GOD
  7. Where should I pick you up?
  9. axe murderer big D's rampage
  10. Snatched
  11. Big D 200 iq
  12. I dare you to kick one of that propane tanks. - Ok!
  13. Big D extreme malding
  14. IRL Big D 👨🏿‍🦲

SoundCloud[edit | edit source]

  1. Vinnys A Bitch (ft. Changus Khan, Randy Bullet, Ramee )
  2. A Song For Karen

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "GOD DAMN IT! I was stuck in the car."
  • "Waaaaaaaavecheck"
  • "shut your mouth"
  • "i'm a bmx god"
  • "CUCK"
  • "shut your bitch ass up"
  • "Wave check"
  • "uh im stuck"
  • "This is Darren W. McDew of the united stated air force"

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Big d and chang.png
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