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The Department of Justice is the main government entity of Los Santos.

Structure and Powers

One service the DOJ provides is granting licenses for the citizens of Los Santos. They are able to grant Business, Vendor's, Driver's, Hunting, Fishing, Pilot's, Weapon's and Alcohol licenses. Each have associated prices. Some have expiration dates and must be renewed. All of them can be removed in the event of misconduct.

The Judges are responsible for drafting and putting forward laws that exist in the city as well as any amendment to the Los Santos Constitution.

The Senate oversees the city and can overrule any decision made by the Judges or Mayor. They were granted unlimited power.

The concept of Separation of Powers is quite blurred in Los Santos. Whilst the Mayor's Office operates mostly on its own, separate from the Judges, there is a large amount of overlap in duties and powers.

As of April 7th, 2022, Alan Crane has been appointed to serve as the Chief Judge by the Senate, a permanent (non-elected) position.


Active Attorneys
Inactive Attorneys
Disbarred Attorneys

Chief Judge

Elected Judges

Former Elected Judges

  • Shannon O'Banion - Turned down Seat 9 after winning it in the October 2021 Election
  • Judge Tidus Schwinghammer - Removed from the October 2021 Ballot by the Senate
  • Judge Adam Prince - Retired after backlash over certain decisions while in office

Former Appointed Judges

  • Judge Ali Habibi - Was elected for Seat 1 in the new DOJ System
  • Justice Ferst Temple - Was elected for Seat 2 in the new DOJ System
  • Justice John Bailey - Was elected for Seat 3 in the new DOJ System
  • Justice Allison Thomas - Was elected for Seat 4 in the new DOJ System
  • Justice Coyote Russell - Was elected for Seat 6 in the new DOJ System
  • Judge Judge Holden - Was elected for Seat 7 in the new DOJ System
  • Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre - Retired after 2 years of sitting on the bench due to health reasons
  • Justice Coop Holliday - Resigned due to limited passion for the DOJ
  • Judge Nina Vallieh - Removed because of extended absences from the city
  • Judge Midas Campinetti - Fired because of charges of embezzlement and corruption that had been occurring for months
  • Judge Gavin Holliday - Removed because of lack of commitment and extended absences
  • Judge Nathaniel Greyson - Resigned after controversy over his relations with his Secretary
  • Judge Jessica Wesker - Resigned after backlash from the Police Department after attempting to Root out Corruption

Former District Attorneys & Special Prosecutors

District Attorneys

Assistant District Attorneys

  • Assistant District Attorney Colt McCoy - Resigned when the DA's Office closed
  • Assistant District Attorney David Theroux - Resigned when the DA's Office closed
  • Assistant District Attorney Serge Cross - Resigned when the DA's Office closed

Special Prosecutors

In Memory

In memory of members of the DOJ who have passed away, either by natural or unnatural ways.

Name Title Cause of Death Date of Death
Malcador Sigilite Assistant District Attorney Killed by Elizabeth Byrne August 19th, 2021
Juno Lemieux Special Prosecutor Killed by Maenad Thiasus February 9th, 2022


San Andreas is a death penalty state. There have been four executions since the Government Restructure.

Name Judge Execution Method Date of Death
Finn Harlow
Antigone Weston & Dennis LaBarre
Firing squad
April 13th, 2021
Balboa Conti
Antigone Weston & Dennis LaBarre
Lethal injection
May 23rd, 2021
Maenad Thiasus
Norman Adams
Lethal injection
April 2nd, 2022
Alvin Kowhal
Judge Holden
Firing squad
April 23rd, 2022