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Denzel Williams is a character role-played by Jonthebroski.

General Description

Denzel Williams is a ruthless, calculated, conniving man and former mayor of Los Santos. He is a member of the Leanbois (now defunct), Cleanbois, and Talon.


Denzel is a full-member of the Cleanbois. He helps run the Rooster's Rest and helped establish a private security firm Pegasus with Nino Chavez and Miles Landon.

Methamphetamine Production

Denzel was brought in to Siz Fulker's meth production operation alongside Al Saab and Manny McDaniels as co-cooks. Though, his role in this production was rather short-lived.

Mayoral Campaign

To the surprise of everyone, Denzel has stayed clean since the city reset and everyone's record and memories were wiped clean. Because of this, Lang and he decided that he should run for mayor to help further the city into chaos and in the hands of the criminals. Due to this, Denzel has gotten the support of Andi Jones, and various criminal groups, such as the HOA, Vagos, The Families, Chang Gang, and various individual criminals around the city. He has even converted to Mormonism to help gain support with Lenny Hawk, and in turn gain support within the PD. He ran into conflict, as Meowfurryon was ready to run as mayor to go against Denzel, but Stormlord and The Guild killed him before he could even get his campaign off the ground so that he did not snitch out Denzel, or any of their shady business dealings.

Denzel was officially elected Mayor of Los Santos on 13/06/2021

Family man Denzel

Following the breakout of Yung Dab and the planning of the next step for Talon to turn Los Santos into a separatist autocracy with Denzel as the leading dictator, Denzel found himself in a bit of an identity crisis. Realizing that if their plan fails he'd have to take the fall for it and either go down in battle fighting, or be caught and later executed. While going into office this seemed like the perfect way for his story to end, but as time went on and the possibility of death grew ever closer, Denzel has realized he was not ready to die yet. This is most likely due to his close relationship and growing feelings for Andi as well as the family bond he's built with The Nerds who he sees as his kids/nephews.

These new relationships led to Denzel getting into fights with Lang on the regular. Not only was Lang acting extremely jealous towards Andi, something he still does to this day, they also fought over who actually has custody over the nerds as Lang claims them as his kids. Denzel is clearly the better father of the two, consistently giving the kids gifts, packing them lunches and taking them on trips.

This new side of Denzel did not go unnoticed in the city. As soon as Chips Ahoy got to learn Denzel is now married and has kids he now always refers to him as "Family man Denzel" whenever they speak.


The Smoking Gun

As a result of never being able to get their hands on cigarettes in the city; Denzel, together with his wife Andi, decided to found the tobacco shop The Smoking Gun. It is very common to find the couple selling their tobacco products together at the Farmer's Market or Dean World. While construction is still not set in stone, they're hoping to one day run the business out of a location on Eclipse Boulevard.


GODKingsMan is a fashion company founded by Denzel together with Turbo. Though the business is still in it's planning phase the two are aiming to create catalogues of pre-made outfits as well as personal fashion advice and counselling.

3.0 Murders

Natalie Newman

Natalie was one of Andi's interns and was killed by Denzel on July 15th, 2021. Since their very first meeting Denzel wanted to kill her and got to do so approximately an hour after their initial meeting. Natalie was shot by Speedy with an uzi, not killing her right away. She instantly became a threat by stating "the mayor got me shot" which led to her being brought to Chumash pier where Denzel repeatedly stabbed her before dumping her body in the ocean. EMS later retrieved her body but were unable to identify her as Denzel had taken all of her belongings.

Bri Baker

Bri was Andi's second intern to get in contact with Denzel and was killed by Denzel on July 15th, 2021. Despite Denzel's unhinged characteristics at the time of their meeting, he was about to let Bri live once they parted ways. But after she accidentally noticed Natalie's phone in his glovebox he had no choice but to kill her to tie up any loose ends. She was brought to the river by the dam and stabbed before her body was dumped by the stream. Her body was never found.

Basem Shahin

Basem was killed by Denzel at Chumash Pier on July 31st, 2021. Shortly after waking up he was requested by Basem to come to the pier, he was informed by Andi Jones on the phone that Basem had been blurting out in public that Denzel has been doing cocaine, so her and Bjorn tortured him by the ocean, and was also told later that he pointed a gun to her head. Denzel requested for his AK and later walked down to the pier with his wife and shot him multiple times on the head.

Daniel Dvoudal (Danny Doodle)

Daniel was a former victim of Denzel and was killed on August 21st, 2021. Danny was already on Denzel's list for publicly speaking out against him and drawing anti-Denzel propaganda , but once he learned that Danny was actively stalking his wife and the people close to her, Denzel had finally had enough. After several days of searching, Denzel found Danny out on the pier at Dean's World. Once called out, Danny instantly pulled his gun and held Denzel up behind a booth. Moments later, they were found by Andi Jones and Odessa Pearson who forced Danny to let him go. Danny was then picked up by Kian Mercer, Lexi Law, and Kermy Fulker and was taken to a remote location. Denzel, Andi and Kian then tortured him in various ways, that of which included cutting off more of his fingers, shoving a pencil through his neck, and beating him to a pulp with a barbed wire baseball bat. His body was found washed up on shore by the police.

Notable Relationships

The Guild

Lando Stormborn
Lando was the first of the nerds to be adopted by Denzel as he was lacking a father figure. Lando seems to really enjoy being Denzel's son and tends to brag to the other nerds claiming his dad is better than their dads. He was also jokingly adopted by Andi at one point which has led to Denzel referring to him as "our son" while talking to Andi. After adopting Lando as his son Denzel also inherited Kitty as a step-daughter as Lando and Kitty are step-siblings.

After the disappearance of Gloyon's first father, Denzel decided to take him under his wing. Denzel really trusts Gloryon as an accomplice as he is one of the people who's usually involved in Denzel's illegal gun trades.

Leyla Nightingale
The adoption of Leyla was bound to happen sooner rather than later as she is considered Denzel's favorite out of the nerds. He's said the she reminds him of a mix between himself and Ellie. Denzel's favoritism with Leyla has further showed itself as he's bought her a car as well as giving her a pink gun as she is known to like the color pink.

Yeager Demonblood
Yeager used to be Denzel's favorite for a long time due to his enthusiasm to learn and use weapons. Denzel would most likely had taken Yeager as his own had Lang not adopted him first.

Gea Stagdancer
Stag is another one of Denzel's favorites as he is as cold and calculated as Denzel himself. Which really showed itself following the death of Meowfurryion where Stag had little to no remorse for the death of his friend going as far as blaming Meow himself for his own demise.

Much like the all the other nerds, Denzel cares deeply for Bjorn. Since he’s the son of Tony Corleone, he considers him to be his nephew and usually calls him “neph”. If Bjorn ever needed support, Denzel would be sure to show up guns blazing.

Denzel really enjoys the chaotic nature of Necrolord but has said that he'll not adopt him due to the fact that Necro is older than himself.

Andi Jones

Andi is Denzel's wife and who he believes to be his soulmate. Due to their combined connections to various people in the city and their combined skills they've been seen as one of the biggest power couples in the city of Los Santos. Not only would they do anything to make the other person happy and kill whoever wrongs them, but they've both expressed that if one of them were to die the other would follow shortly after.


Early days
Denzel's personal relationship with Andi first started after Nino suggested he do security work for her while she was in office and the two were formally introduced to each other by Miles. Not only was it a source of income for Denzel but also a way to learn more about the mayoral position as he was considering running for the next election. They continued spending time together while Andi did her mayoral duties and Denzel acting as her driver/bodyguard. Andi often pointed out that if Denzel had better things to do that he did not need to be there with her, to which he replied he "didn't mind it" and "actually enjoy driving her around".

During one rant about people hitting on her, Andi said that there was a 99% chance that she would stay with Kleb for the rest of her life and a 1% chance she wouldn’t. When asked by Tony Andrews about who or what the 1% was, she replied “I don’t know, Denzel’s pretty cool”.

Mayoral Campaign
During the mayoral race they would stay in contact. Usually to ask each other for favors but also just to check in with one another as they now considered themselves good friends. It was also during this time Andi and Denzel realized their shared love/addiction to cocaine and they would hook up to go to the penthouse to look for the substance.

After Denzel got sworn into office, Andi left with the words "Give them hell, Denzel. They don't deserve anything from anyone in this building." Making it clear that they both view the city and the people in it in a similar light and that they have similar goals.

More than friends?
Some people speculated that there might be something more going on between Andi and Denzel even before he got the position as mayor, often being asked by associates and strangers alike if they were dating. Both parties always denied any type of romantic or sexual involvement when asked. This raised suspicion with Lang who saw no reason for them to spend time together unless they were attracted to one another or if Andi was plotting something to try and get into Denzel's head. This often showed itself as Lang coming across as extremely jealous of the two, constantly finding reasons to pull Denzel away from Andi.

The Almost Marriage
While having a conversation with Basem in the mayors office about what label he'd use to describe Denzel and Andi, Basem blurted out that they're both weird and perfect for each other and that they should just get married already. They both agreed to do it then and there "for the tax break". But before fully signing the papers Andi called her then fiancé Kleb. Kleb stated that it was weird and that he wasn't okay with it which led to Denzel calling off the marriage for the time being. Denzel later had a one-on-one conversation with Kleb to try and figure out why he opposed the marriage. Kleb, feeling intimidated in that moment ended up breaking up with Andi stating that he thought that's what Denzel wanted to happen. While Andi was feeling heartbroken by Kleb's sudden decision, Denzel insisted that he still wished to marry her.

Once Andi had woken up from being in the ICU for 5 days after being "dropped" out of a helicopter by Harry, Denzel went ahead and again asked her to marry him. Andi accepted and shortly after they finally confessed their true feelings for one another.

Denzel and Andi were officially married on that same day, July 19th, 2021. They would later hold their wedding ceremony on a beach up in Paleto on the 26th of August, 2021. The ceremony was mostly meant as a cover for cleaning over 500k in dirty money.

Lang Buddha
Denzel has known Lang Buddha for a very long time and trusts Lang with his life. Denzel was introduced to Lang through Al Saab and was brought into the Leanbois, the gang in which Lang was an OG of. After joining, the trust between the two grew immensely; So much so in fact that Lang decided to bring Denzel into Talon, Lang's terrorist organization and most well kept secret. Denzel would do anything for Lang and has proven as much after he shot and killed his best friend, Ricky Robins, for the Leanbois. Even if Denzel may fight against certain decisions Lang makes, he will at the end of the day always have Lang's back, even if it kills him, both inside and out.
Big Pussy

  • DeputyMayor


Image Address Description
Rockford Hills, Hampstead Drive Purchased by Denzel and Andi seemingly a day before their wedding ceremony that was meant for cleaning money. They originally planned to buy a house in Vinewood that Denzel had been wanting for quite a while, but decided not to after Denzel asked Andi if she actually liked the house as much as he did. She admitted to not liking it very much, so they searched for one they both loved.

Image Name Description
Roosevelt Valor Purchased from Premium Deluxe Motorsports by Denzel after winning mayorship using $93,000 worth of embezzled state funds, in which he described as a "Tax Write Off" in the comment of the bank transfer. Nearing the end of Denzel's term, he ended up having to pay back the state account in full after questioning by Judge Bailey, who had audited the state account looking for any suspicious transactions that might've occurred during Denzel's time as Mayor.


Hexer Purchased for $40,000 by Denzel from Oswald Tinkerman. Denzel originally had bought the bike with the intentions of flipping it for a profit, but after riding around on it for a couple of days grew an attachment to it and decided to keep it for himself.

Plate: BDZN81SG

Burrito A shitty black burrito van Denzel uses for storing his things, most of which are illegal. He usually keeps it stored in the garage of his home, unless if he needs a quick way to move things, which are also usually illegal.

Plate: QV8501I8

1965 Mustang Purchased by Denzel on September 19th, 2021. Denzel was originally planning to buy the old school Camaro, but after PDM restocked, he decided on the Mustang instead.



  • While everyone in Cleanbois are pretty crazy in their own ways, Denzel is known to be the craziest of them all, due to being the most ruthless.
  • Denzel served over 40 years (40 days in real life time) for murdering a deputy.
  • He likes to torture his specific targets by cutting off their pinky finger. He even collects them as a souvenir.
  • His usual weapon of choice is a sawed-off double barrel shotgun.
  • Denzel has a philly accent that makes him pronounce some words wrong. As Andi puts it: "I'm sorry your mouth doesn't work sometimes."
  • Much like Jon in real life; Denzel does not like ice-cream.
  • Has a tendency to shorten peoples names. Ex. Leyla = Ley, Harry = Harr.
  • Denzel claims that one of his greatest strengths against the PD is cops own stupidity and inability to communicate.
  • Denzel wants to die by taking a bullet to the heart so he can have an open coffin funeral.
  • Used to sleep with prostitutes and then rob them afterwards. He's done this to roughly 30 women.
  • After he dies, Denzel wants to be buried at the weed farm currently owned by White Widow Dispensary, as he has a lot of history there.
  • Denzel loves cats, big cats especially.
  • Wanted at Disney World for killing an employee dressed as Mickey Mouse.


  • "I don't know if you've noticed but I'm not exactly stable."
  • "I'm not crazy."
  • "I CAN'T WIN!"
  • "Shore."



Played By: Jonthebroski
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