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Denzel Wallace is a character role-played by DEFAC3D.


Denzel Wallace is a businessman, criminal and member of The Brouge Street Kingz. He is extremely persuasive and uses his social ability to befriend and manipulate people around him. He is also known for being good with money and has never struggled to provide for himself and the people close to him.

Denzel can be easily recognized by his signature Mask and Helmet which he is rarely seen without. Very few people in the city have seen his face and he tries his hardest to keep his face hidden even politely asking Police officers to allow his mask to remain.

The Brouge Street Kingz

Denzel has always been extremely dedicated to his family and friends, with old friend Benji Carter already a member of the Brouge Street Kingz it was an easy choice to make. Denzel himself joined B$K on October 23rd, 2021.

As a Hangaround Denzel was adamant to make his mark within the gang, he would go above and beyond to ensure he supplied enough bleach by any means necessary. This allowed B$K to continue their meth production with no interruptions.

Denzel had become increasingly interested in meth production after being involved in multiple cooks. On December 14th, 2021 OTT asked Denzel to become the family's main meth cook. Taking this role very seriously he then spent two weeks in the wilderness of sandy shores cooking at every given opportunity producing over 130 pillows of Methamphetamine.

Syndicate Industries

Denzel is the owner of Syndicate Industries a company which he set up along side long time friend and business partner Benji Carter. Primarily a material company that focuses on buying and reselling, It's also used to hide the groups drug operation from unwanted police attention.