Dennis LaBarre was a character role-played by Airborne. The streamer playing this character can no longer play or stream due to health issues hindering his ability to speak. (We love you LaBarre <3)

#NeverForget[edit | edit source]

Thank You Dennis Labarre! (Airborne)

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Retirement[edit | edit source]

Dennis LaBarre retired from the Department of Justice and departed the city on April 18th, 2020 after a long career over the past couple years as a judge and justice. The city of Los Santos and NoPixel thank him for his service and all the memories and court cases done over the past couple of years. The community and family that is NoPixel wish Airborne the very best for his future.

 Description[edit | edit source]

Dennis LaBarre was a Justice/Judge and former Chief Justice of Los Santos and a part of the Department of Justice. He was a no-nonsense judge who is more than happy to give criminals the maximum sentence possible. Before his retirement LaBarre was one of the longest standing judges along with Coop Holliday (who he still wanted to fire because Coop sucks). He may not have cared what you thought, but he was more than willing to help you out with a weapons license or give police their much desired search warrant. He could often be found with the other judges standing on the courthouse steps. LaBarre was also one of the longest standing and most respected people in the city, having been around since the beginning.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Dennis LaBarre was born in 1986. He grew up on a dairy farm in Maine. His young life was a source of turmoil. After his father took his own life, his mother held him to high expectations to take care of the family and be successful. He was a bright young man and attended high school at the Maine Central Institute, which is an academy for gifted young people. Immediately after high school, and to the dismay of his mother he joined the Army and became an Airborne Infantryman.

After retiring, he saw a lot of veterans going through legal issues. He attended college with Coop Holliday and eventually earned a law degree. After becoming an attorney, he influenced the military to create veterans’ courts, and because of his accomplishments they created programs to help veterans with debt, student loans, and addiction. When he came to old Los Santos, Coop Holliday took him under his wing, where he was promoted to a judge very quickly along with Nina Vallieh, who was like a sister to him. 

In the new city, LaBarre was given the job of Chief Justice when Coop stepped down. He has constantly and consistently proved that he deserves to be in the Chief Justice position.

Judge LaBarre’s first case in the court of Los Santos set the precedent that tasers are less than lethal weapons.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

LaBarre recently was on the warpath to get class 2's off the streets of Los Santos, now that those are on the decline, he has since, along with the other judges, turned their efforts towards signing all relevant search warrants. He also broke off an engagement with Dr. Choi Zhangsun, whom he bought a Mustang for. He also didn't like the person she is dating, a certain Uchiha Jones. In light of that, he had a friendship with courthouse secretary Jean Steele. Even though he is separated from Choi, they were still friends and constantly teased each other about things (especially about who Choi dates). LaBarre, with his judge bank account, bought an apartment in the Jamestown area, home of the Vagos. The Vagos surprisingly didn't care, calling LaBarre the nickname, "LaBarrio." Judge LaBarre also was the one who promoted Judge Buck Stanton to the position of Assistant Chief Justice.

Panel of Justices[edit | edit source]

LaBarre announced that he was tired of the label of Chief Justice and collecting city complaints. So, he decided to create a panel of judges to lead the Department of Justice. The Justice Panel oversees DOJ activities. When it was created the panel consisted of judges LaBarre, Coop Holliday, and Wayne Ardson.

Quotes [edit | edit source]

  • "Denied"
  • "Get the fuck out of my office"
  • "Dammit Choi"

Clips[edit | edit source]

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