Demi Black is role-played by Evee2Point0

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Backstory[edit | edit source]

Demi Black was born as Jin Wu in Hong Kong, China in 1997 to parents Sheng Wu and Gabriela Black. Unfortunately, Gabriela died while giving birth to Demi. Her father quickly remarried Mei-Ling. Sheng Wu is a master sergeant within the People's Liberation Army. He is renowned for his cruelty and methods of gathering intel, skills that Demi inherited. Because of this, he was absent most of Demi’s childhood. In his absence, Mei-Ling raised Demi. Her stepmother, a homemaker, tried to force antiqued traditional values onto her, which Demi rejected. 

On the eve of Demi’s 21st birthday, her parents attempted to force her into an arranged marriage with one of Sheng Wu’s corporals. Demi refused and as a result, her parents cut her off financially and kicked her out. Demi used the last of her money to flee to San Andreas. However, Sheng Wu has used his vast wealth and military connections to send mercenaries to Los Santos in search of Demi to bring her back to China. In an attempt to hide and honor her birth mother, she has changed her name from Jin Wu to Demi Black.

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