Dee Mented is a character roleplayed by charlieblossom.

Dee is a petty criminal and does various gigs and short term jobs around the city of Los Santos. She is a Jugguletto and lives that life style, all the while blasting ICP in her vehicle and in her head around the city. Her best friend is a Hatchet, which depresses her if it gets taken from her.

She currently works as a stripper at the Vanilla Unicorn.

Notes Edit

  • She had her tongue extracted by the Mayor of Mirror Park and had Dr. Ducksworth replace it with the tongue of a dog that Dee acquired.
  • Her vehicle has hydraulics which she shows off to others usually to ICP blasting.
  • Fiercely protects her Hatchet to the point of aggressively screaming and biting.
  • She licks faces as her way of saying hello.
  • Laughs constantly, but sounds off-putting to others.
  • She often asks others around the city if they need a ride, which they hardly accept. She mainly does this to see how they respond and doesn't expect them to take the offers.
  • She currently stalks Michael Dias due to a run-in with him earlier, in which Dee got arrested and Dias confiscated her hatchet, and she is now on a mission to find where he lives so she can get her hatchet back.

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