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Dee Mented was a character played by charlieblossom


She was kidnapped (alongside Ivan Tickles) and killed on October 15, 2019 by Frederick “Fred” Bodini of the HOA via hatchet wounds after being kidnapped and taken to a remote location on a hill. She succumbed to her injuries after being taken to the hospital.

Zee Nanakaze discovered both Dee and Ivan outside of her Diner after the HOA were informed that Dee and Ivan were given false information by Zee who said the HOA robbed her earlier that day (it turns out they were on duty at the time and were falsely accused.)

Due to this, Siz Fulker was raided by the police for the first time on 10/25/19 when they raided both his personal residence in Mirror Park and the HOA headquarters in Vinewood. This resulted in a 355 month jail sentence and a $26,000 fine, it will be taken to court.


  • She had her tongue extracted by the Mayor of Mirror Park and had Dr. Ducksworth replace it with the tongue of a dog that Dee acquired.
  • Her vehicle had hydraulics which she shows off to others usually to ICP blasting.
  • Fiercely protects her hatchet to the point of aggressively screaming and biting.
  • She licked faces as her way of saying hello.
  • Laughs constantly, but sounds off-putting to others.
  • She often asked others around the city if they need a ride, which they hardly accepted. She mainly did this to see how they respond and doesn't expect them to take the offers.
  • She stalked Michael Dias due to a run-in with him earlier, in which Dee got arrested and Dias confiscated her hatchet, and she went on a mission to find where he lives so she could get her hatchet back.


  • "Brrrp!"
  • "Want a clownjob?"
  • "Whoop Whoop!"
  • "Thanks for the chedda..."


Played By: charlieblossom
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