Deandre “DJ” Jackson was a character role-played by SAVx.


Deandre Jackson, also known as "DJ" was a member of The Families.  

Jordan Steele alleged Father

He was the alleged biological son of Jordan Steele. He claimed that Jordan left him to start a dog fighting ring years ago. He also claimed that Gladys Berry was his alleged mother. DJ was also introduced to his extended family by Jordan. He met his stepbrother Chips Ahoy and his stepmother Kayden Dell'Anno.  

His brother Andrew Jackson recently arrived in the city.  

DJ often contacted Jordan when he was a police officer, and tried to get him to investigate allegations of police misconduct. He often tried to reconnect with his father although Jordan was often busy with work. DJ told GSF leader Dexx Martin that he did not trust Jordan because he was a cop, and he was absent from his life for many years.  


On March 28th, 2020, DJ was shot and killed by police during a foot pursuit, and he passed away at Pillbox Medical Center.


  • "Aight dude..." 



Played By: SAVx
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