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Dean Watson is a character role-played by dwjft.


Dean Watson is the owner or co-owner of the Diamond Casino Resort, Diamond Sportsbook, Diamond Casino Hotel, Dean World, Ottos Autos, and Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club. He is a well known businesses man within Los Santos and is known for his cool composure and style, but most of all, his walk.

Dean is one of three heads of Cerberus, alongside Leslie Lingberg and Lang Buddha. He is also the owner of SA State Contracting, the biggest construction company in the city, that works directly with the mayor's office.


New Business Ventures

June 19th 2021 - New Business Ventures

On June 19th, 2021 Leslie Lingberg, Lang Buddha, Dean, and Harry Brown went to City Hall to meet up with Judge Buck Stanton and Mayor Denzel Williams about starting new businesses. All were approved.


  • Investment Company

LingCorp Mining

  • Mining Company

Billboard Erectus

  • Billboard Building Company

Toll's R Us

  • Toll Booth Company

The Dragon's Dojo

  • Business
A Life Of Crime

October 2021 - A Life Of Crime

During late October2021, after spending over 8 months in the city being crime free, Dean began to itch for something new. After being pulled over by Lauren Forcer and arrested for a non-violet crime, Dean discovered that getting into trouble with the law bought him an influx of adrenaline. This also occurred when he was arrested by Alex Casterman and made threats on his job/life. This only gave him more motive to give up his crime-free life.

Due to his close relation with Lang Buddha and speedy, he found himself in a position where crime could become his everyday and so it did. He was first shown by Speedy and Ramee El-Rahman where other individuals in the city grew their weed plants, this sparked an idea in Dean where he planned to steal these plants- this was due to the disruption it would cause and the illegal activities it involved. By this point, Dean has completely given up on his life as the average civilian and had became a true criminal; he still maintained his intelligence even when committing crime.

Dean has been a well-known criminal in Los Santos ever since.

Vice El Jefe, El Deano

November 3rd 2021 - Vice El Jefe, El Deano

On November 3rd 2021, Benji Ramos left the Vagos after being the vice El Jefe of the gang for over 8 months. Due to Dean's close relationship with the leader of the Vagos, Arush "Speedy" Santana, he decided to help out his friend and joined the Vagos. Dean took the position of Vice El Jefe and began to wear a yellow suit with a yellow cowboy hat.

Losing A Hand

November 18th 2021 - Losing A Hand

On November 18th, Dean had a blood pact with Kyle Pred, Igor Skovacic, Vinny Pistone, and Amber Gold. The pact was formed from the blood of their hands. However, he believed that he contracted a disease called "Perogiosis" from Igor due to the pact. In an attempt to stop the disease from spreading, they went to Pillbox Medical Center to get some help. Unfortunately, they couldn't find any doctors in the facility to help them. As a last resort, Igor decided to chop Dean's left hand off.

Later on that day, Dean went to Pillbox to get a medical examination from one of the doctors. PillBot was the doctor that performed this examination. The test comes out as positive on AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Although, Dean believed he has contracted more diseases than the ones mentioned.

To cover up this accident, Dean removed the examination record from PillBot's memory and made a story of how Dean was bitten by a snake and he had to chop off his hand to stop the venom from spreading instead of sucking it out first.


  • Dean maintained a clean record up until October 2021, when he was arrested by Lauren Forcer.
  • When he first met the Cleanbois, he revealed that the device he wore around his neck at the time was a monitor for a cardiac pacemaker he had implanted due to a heart condition.
  • Dean only has one hand. Dean's left hand was chopped off by Igor Skovacic in fear of potentially contracting a disease after making a blood oath with Kyle Pred.
  • Dean once gave Igor Skovacic CPR with his foot, successfully restarting his heart.
  • Dean's pet panther Onyx used to stay in the casino penthouse.
  • Dean owns a 1-of-1 Aston Martin.
  • Dean is one of the wealthiest and most financially powerful individuals in Los Santos, making him a member of the Los Santos elite.


Paff - Dean Song


Played By: dwjft
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