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Dean Quincy is a character role-played by Deansocool.


Dean was once a long time member of NBC being pretty close to many of the gangs members, however he ended up leaving the gang after he slowly started to spend less time with the other members due to them being in the city at different times, and more time with The Mandem. After leaving NBC, Dean arrived at the Mandem block and asked if he could join The Mandem. He officially joined The Mandem on September 7, 2021 with Tommy and Moses bringing both him and Patar (who has also left NBC) in and fishing with them for their inauguration.


On September 23rd 2021 Dean accompanied by Patar Bellosh and Moses Khan got permission and the business licence required to found his new security company Hydra Sec. This company manage to get off to a flying start with the security firms first contract being signed with Dean Watson for 2 months of security at Burger Shot.

On October 7th 2021 after getting grilled by Odessa Pearson the deputy mayor Dean managed to found an investment company for The Mandem called Trident Investments.

On Decemeber 7th 2021, Dean receieved a gun bench from Jesus's brother, Saint Joseph, after he was given multiple tasks to finish with Patar and Tommy.


He used to own a Bentley Continental SS but he sold it to Ramee El-Rahman for $1.2 million. Dean is still waiting for an update on when the Rolls-Royce Wraith will be imported into the city so he can buy it.

On 31st Decemeber, Dean bought the 2021 Supra from the Tuner Shop for $1.7 million and 2000 GNE.


On 22nd Decemeber, Dean's clean record broke when Tracy Martell sent him to jail for reckless driving and evading, even though he complied. He told the boys, he would not expunge after this and would shoot cops if/when pulled over on sight.

Dean's Weapons Bench

Dean on 7th December 2021, receieved a gun bench from Jesus's brother, Saint Joseph, at a secluded spot in the city.

Priced at $8 per material
Items Materials Required Estimated cost to make
Thermite Aluminum: 75

Copper: 75
Rubber: 50
Plastic: 75
Electronics: 100

Desert Eagle Aluminium: 130

Plastic: 130

Advanced Lock Pick Aluminium: 50

Plastic: 50
Rubber: 50



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"But did YOU die tho?"


  • Dean once admitted to peeing on his feet for "Health Reasons".
  • Dean often takes phone calls while in Tommys Taxi/RS6, with everyone joking that it is his office.
  • Dean got a gun bench for eating 'the devil's sub' that made him sick.