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David "Benz" Jackson is a character roleplayed by jeimiru.


Benz can be seen wearing glasses, due to his bald head he usually covers it with a flat cap. Benz has a long bushy beard which is what makes him recognizable from all of the other R.U.S.T members.

He wears a lot of black, his current attire consists of a black suit with a black coat, topped with his flat cap. During crime he wears a spec ops mask, and an all black outfit.

Background Information

Leon Benz was born in Berlin, Germany on the 4th of September 1994.

Growing up his dad had a passion for Japanese racing cars so he developed a strong passion for cars and learned how to fix them at an early age.

He was forced by the German government to undergo 3 years of professional Army training. This is where he developed his above average combat skills.

After the agonizing 3 years was up he went back home to Berlin to reunite with his dad. He earned no money from the government while gone so he searched for a way to make a quick buck.

He got into the illegal street racing scene of Berlin, stealing a car form his dad's garage for every race. He performed so well in the races that he was soon able to afford his own garage. He started his own "business" where he "cleaned" stolen cars for gangs and other criminals. After some time his "business" was doing so well and with the money from racing he was finally able to afford his dream car. With help from his dad and his connections with the Yakuza in Tokyo he was able to get his dream car, the Nissan R34 Skyline, imported straight from Japan.

He slowly became a legend in illegal street racing but what he didn't know was that he also became a big target for the German Special Forces known as KSK. Around the same time, his dad got into a shady deal with the Yakuza and he suspects that the Yakuza will try to kill him as the deal didn't go as planned. Some weeks after the incident the Yakuza found his family and brutally murdered them with katanas and handguns.

Leon couldn't do anything because he knew that the KSK and the Yakuza would be looking for him. He knew he was a dead man either way as KSK meant prison for life and Yakuza meant death. With no hesitation he booked the next flight to the states where he took on a new identity, David Jackson.

He tries his best to live a good life as he knows that is what his family would have wanted.

Overview and Memorable Moments


Benz is an OG member of R.U.S.T. Before Benz joined RUST, he was known for his ability to hack S+ boosts. RUST would consistently get contracts and often turned to Benz as their hacker. This influenced Benz to join RUST and begin doing more jobs with them. After joining RUST he assisted in their war against Street Team. Benz has experience handling and shooting guns and often likes to use the Uzi (named Suzie) with a drum magazine attached during conflicts. He can often be found with MacGregor and Kiwi doing SBS things that have earned them the name "The Devious Trio".


Sultan MK2

Rebel Truck

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 63 S (Scratch)





- Benz owns the Crew Car the Sultan MK2 and has payed upwards of $100k in impound fees

- First follower and believer in Jetpack Jesus and builder of the Shrine

- Benz is owed $500k by Seano "Chemist" Blackthorne for purchasing the RX-7 off him

- Completed 8 S+ Boosts in a row without failing a single hack