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David Feather was a character role-played by aurvinR.


David Feather was an intern at Lot Q, aspiring to be EMS in the future.


David was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on 2nd of March, 1995. Both of his parents, Harry and Jane Feather, were American and moved to Sweden because of work. 6 years quickly passed and the entire family moved back to US. Since David was the only child, his parents cared about him deeply. As years passed, the affection between David and his parents only increased. They all trusted and helped each other whenever they could. When David was 16, his parents gifted him a dog, Labrador Retriever named Scott. This caused the entire family to start exercising, which, in turn, brought all of them even closer together. Everything seemed perfect until March 5th, 2016. To celebrate David’s 21st birthday, the entire family, including Scott, decided to go on a trip – David was driving. To try and impress his parents, David started speeding and overtaking the cars in front of him. Eventually, when he tried to speed through the red light, a truck hit the car in the right side. The car crashed into a nearby building. In shock, David managed to crawl out of the car through the windshield. When he looked at the car again, he saw his parents, still alive, also trying to get out, but with no success. Too weak to do anything other than watch, David saw how the fire slowly started in the car and, after a short while, moved onto his family. David listened to the terrifying sounds his parents and Scott started to make and he watched as his mothers’ face burned, from beginning to the very end. Eventually, when screams stopped and David regained some of his strength, he tried to pull his parents bodies’ from still-burning car, but he was pulled by away by the bystanders. David spent the next month and a half in the hospital, slowly healing. His parents friends’ paid for all of the expenses and visited David often. Despite their best efforts, David didn’t say a single word for the next 2 years. Eventually though, he started to speak and behave normally, but still bearing great pain inside him. David realized that helping other people helped him function almost normally; however, the pain and guilt never went away, always strong. For almost 2 years, David has been moving from one city to another, looking for a purpose in his life. Eventually, he decided to go to Los Santos.

Personality - beginning

When he first arrived in the city, David was a quiet and sad man. He never smiled or laughed. No matter what was the situation he was in, he always remembered his families’ death. He kept blaming himself for the death he caused. Even when he was angry, David stayed quiet. For obvious reasons, his family was a sensitive subject for him and whenever someone insulted them, his rage was infinite. David was convinced that death followed his footsteps, thus he was not afraid to injure someone or take their life.

David liked to keep things short and concise, although he was not necessarily against talking a lot. He never joked or exaggerated things; if he said that he was going to do something, he would do it.

David continuously tried to find comfort in helping other people, in many different ways. He never expected something in return, everything he did was for himself.

David liked to remind other people to drive safely and obey the traffic laws. When he was not drunk, his response to someone questioning it was simply that it could kill people. Under influence, he liked to go into further, brutal details, when inquired.

David was an alcoholic. He started drinking shortly after his families’ death. It didn't matter for him what alcohol he consumed, all he wanted was to get drunk. In a drunken state, David was the most dangerous. His thoughts got darker and he was prone to showing violence and brutality. On the flip side, it was also when he usually revealed his past and true thoughts.

David did not value other people’s lives. Since he believed that death was forever connected with him, following his footsteps, he embraced it. As a consequence, in certain conditions, he could have been incredibly brutal and violent, not showing any remorse for his actions.

David didn't lie. As it was a lesson taught him by his father, he always abode by it. He was not afraid to tell someone the truth, even if it was uncomfortable or harsh. However, it didn't mean he always answered the given question. Sometimes, he avoided it or just flat out refused to answer.

Personality - reason for change

While working at Lot Q, David slowly realized that his behavior was putting him in a dangerous place. Both customers and other employees didn't like his attitude; the former were threatening him very often, while the latter were thinking about getting rid of David, since he was scaring away the customers.

Additionally, David kept injuring himself while drunk over and over again. One of the only Lot Q employees that was friendly towards David, Gerard Hawthorne, as well as his sister/wife Petunia Brookshire, tried to help him with the addiction, but with no success.

Finally, one day, when returning from his 4th drunken night, David tried to cross a highway and was hit by a car. With multiple injuries, including broken right arm and left leg, shrapnel in various parts of his body and glass all over his back, David was put in the ICU for 8 days. When he woke up, scared that he might die the next time, David decided to turn his life around and be a better person in all possible aspects. This included, but was no limited to, seeking therapy with William Thatch to deal with his addiction and scheduling driving lessons with Tessa Lamb to overcome his fear of driving.

Personality - current

Eventually, David became a much different person. He became fond of talking with people, usually being the one to start the conversation. He started smiling on the regular occasion, joking around from time to time. David no longer had his families' death in mind at all times - it was replaced with infinite love for Dewey and Petunia, his new family.

David's passion for helping people didn't go away; in fact, it became the strongest it has ever been. David became more strict towards people that injured others on purpose; he wasn't afraid to tell them what he thought about it. He also developed warm feelings towards EMS and doctors - other people that shared his passion. Eventually, joining EMS became David's goal.

David was no longer drinking alcohol; through therapy sessions with William Thatch and constant support from Dewey and Petunia, he managed to resist his urges. Even though the need to drink never went away completely, it has been reduced significantly.

After a store robbery where Dewey and Petunia got injured and almost died, David became disillusioned about the Los Santos and its' inhabitants. He no longer believed that everyone in the city was good in some way and deserved help. This opened David's eyes to all the violence and crime that has been happening in front of his very eyes, every day since he arrived to Los Santos. He specifically singled out 2 people he believed to be pure evil and was considering murdering them - Eugene Zuckerberg and James Apeller. Both of them were also responsible for the infamous store robbery that almost ended in Dewey's and Petunia's death, which only made David more determined to kill them.

As a part of David's disillusionment, he also dropped his habit of telling people how to drive and not lying. He no longer believed that continuing them made any sense.

Finally, his previous emotionless view on death and injuring people changed; David would only use violence when someone/something was threatening his new family - Dewey and Petunia. He now had much more emotion attached to it, mostly hate and anger. David was obsessed with keeping his new family safe - after they almost died in a store robbery, he became close to insane.


On December 29th 2020, while David and his coworkers were at Harmony Lot, Eugene Zuckerberg in disguise pulled up to one of the parking spots in a car. After a short conversation with Harmony Lot employees, including David, Eugene threw a Molotov cocktail at them. David was lit on fire and passed out after a few seconds. In the span of few minutes, David was transported to the hospital by Bobby Russel and put in the surgery by a doctor, Alexander Blake. Despite his best efforts, David passed away shortly after the surgery started. His injuries included multiple 3rd and 2nd degree burns on his body, as well as burned lungs.