David Barker was a character role-played by DavidB_NP.

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David Barker was an enforcer for Black Betty, Inc.

Major Events Edit

Left for Dead Edit

In a dispute over the pawnshop, Sonya Summers had tasked David with following Arthur Hammond. During a meeting between Arthur and Nino Chavez, David was spotted following them. While being distracted by Arthur, Nino snuck around to the side of David's car and captured him at gunpoint. He was left for dead in a mine shaft before being airlifted to Pillbox Medical Center.

The Death of Kurt Leonard Edit

After the apprehension of Sonya for the attempted murder of Judge Coop Holliday, David was involved in a prison riot in which two officers were taken hostage. During negotiations, Sonya ordered David to shoot Senior Deputy Kurt Leonard, who died instantly from a gunshot wound to the head.

He spent several weeks in prison awaiting trial when he was offered a plea deal of 9 years in jail by ADA Nora Dupres, but the deal was later rescinded by Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre.

He was eventually visited in prison by Murphy Braun who informed David that his case was unwinnable and suggested he take his own life rather than allow the state to potentially execute him. Having no proper legal representation, David's only option left was to plead guilty and leave his fate in the court's hands.

Executed Edit

On August 25th, 2019, David Barker was sentenced to death by Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre for the murder of Kurt Leonard.

Later that day, Barker was executed by a firing squad inside Bolingbroke Penitentiary.[1]

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