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Dave Perry is a character role-played by jay4871.

Background Information:

Dave Perry is a 42 year old man who seems to be very lost in the world but only his closest friends understand him. Dave has a past of being very friendly and loving to everyone but as time is getting along Dave slowly shows off his inner sass lifestyle. His closest friend is Reginald "Reggie" Watson. Dave used to be friends with The Mandem, however they cut all relations with Dave as they saw him as a liability. On August 14, 2021 Tommy shot Dave in the head after he helped Reggie blow up Stacey's car. This left Dave with brain damage that prevented him from walking and a fracture on the right side of his jaw. He was told that the surgery needed for him to walk again would cost $20,000. This incident caused Dave to fear The Mandem.

Common Lines:

"Fishy, fishy, fishyyyy"

"I love yew"

"True Truee yeahhh"

"you imbecile"

"you noob"




- Reginald "Reggie" Watson

- Ranjeet Singh

- Mya Riley

- Nora Koh

- Vince Watson

- Nicky Graham

- Lenny Large

- Esther Young