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Daryl Dickinson is a character role-played by VTechas.

General Information

Daryl Dickinson is a former domestic terrorist, and current member of the HoA.

Physical Description

Daryl wears a plethora of clothing, though he is seen in his signature orange flannel, orange bandanna, and grey sweats outfit to signify his "Parkside Player" look. When in HoA uniform he wears his kutte over a variety of orange-colored or neutral colored long sleeves and combat pants. He always wears a bandanna over his face and a wears a pair of aviators to mask his identity.

When Daryl transformed into GRL he has bright blue hair tied into twin-tails and wears a cap backwards. He can be seen in an orange tracksuit with his HoA kutte on or wearing a jean shirt tied into a knot with a pair of very short-cut shorts with a holster.


Daryl involved himself in criminal dealings from robberies, car boosting, shootings, racing etc. He drives around in various vehicles, but he is usually seen on a motorbike, his orange low-rider, or his orange MKIV Supra.

Formerly, he was an assistant cook for the HoA's methamphetamine operation, but with meth drastically changing he is rarely needed, he buys meth from Lilith Ailhart and pushes it in Mirror Park. He ran weed operation for the HoA, doing various weed packing runs and weed selling runs to earn and clean money for himself and the group. Though with him getting raided over weed and becoming a middleman for class 1 firearms, he had to drop it altogether. He is also an avid racer, participating and hosting off-road races when he can.

With him being able to consistently do the the VAR Heist hacks, he usually does them with the HOA or his close friends.


Daryl is one of the longest-tenured HoA members currently active in the group. He is one of the groups' hackers, being able to do VAR-style hacks with relative ease.

He was promoted to 4th in Command of the HoA on 4/25/2022.

Accursed Weed

Daryl is one of the few HoA members that have been raided since the economic collapse. He, alongside Kray Tor and Luis Fernandez, were raided after a botched weed picking operation was busted by the cops. He was incarcerated in Bolingbroke Penitentiary alongside his confidants over a couple of days. His properties and vehicles were all searched and any illegal items were taken and subsequently charged for. He is currently out of prison as he (alongside the two) accepted a plea deal which resulted in 4-years parole and a $113,000 fine.

Blessed by the Lady of the Lake

On September 30th, 2021 Daryl was turned into a woman by the Lady of the Lake so Kray Tor could wear other articles of clothing. The HoA call him GRL after becoming a woman.


  • "It's fine, we're fine."
  • "What do you MEAN?"
  • "You're a pussy"
  • "I fucked your mom, pussy."
  • "Pussy, Pussy, Pussy, Pussy!"
  • "Hwat?"


  • GRL loves to drive around and drift in his car