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Darius Woods was a character role-played by Jonthebroski


Darius Woods is the"Best decorator in town". He is an interior decorator that works for Payne Real Estate. He is also the brother of Dominique Woods and is part of the Woods Family. Besides being a decorator, he is also part of Dominique's cocaine supply, working with the likes of Otto Delmar and Siz Fulker.

Events Leading to Death

Prior to his untimely death, Darius hired Brett Biggledoinks to assassinate Ramee El-Rahman to settle their beef. However this attempted assassination was thwarted by the Chang Gang after Brett shot the wrong person and was convinced by Randy Bullet to not shoot Ramee.

Darius was then deemed an Enemy of the State by Mr. Wang Chang and his Army and was sentenced to a public execution after a suggestion by Gladys Berry. His execution was publicized on twitter and the public knew where the execution site would be, Legion Square.

The execution of Darius would end in a massive shootout between Chang Gang and the Los Santos Police Department. It began where Randy missed the executing swing and hit Wayne Biggaz, thus forcing the Police to shoot.

Darius was caught between the crossfire and was hit numerous times throughout the body.


Darius Woods passed away on January 17th, 2020 in Pillbox Medical Center after multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and complications during surgery to remove the bullets.

William Told was the person who pulled the trigger that caused the death of Darius Woods.


  • "Hey, mang..."
  • "I'm da best decorator in town"

Played By: Jonthebroski
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