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Darien Shields is a character role-played by Corbinicy


Darien Shields, more commonly known as ''Tuxedo Mask'' or "Houdini", is a criminal and part-time magician who has based his identity off the character from Sailor Moon with the same name. He's currently a member of the Los Santos based Yakuza clan ''Dragon Six'' and has opened a dojo in Los Santos with the same namesake where he is looking to sell katanas and train citizens in various martial arts. These styles include but are not limited to Karate, Kung Fu and most notably a style he refers to as "BBC".

He emits a magical aura around himself which is often reflected in his demeanor. In most of his confrontations with other citizens and police officers, he can talk himself out of most situations that may be otherwise deemed dangerous to ordinary people. Though his speech patterns are soft, he is anything but soft-spoken. His mastery of speechcraft has aided him in numerous confrontations with the law, resulting in officers letting him go with a slap on the wrist, reducing the sentence or negating it completely.

Tuxedo Mask is in a constant quest to find his very own Sailor Moon and is currently in search of instructors for his dojo.

He is currently taking Japanese lessons from his sensei, Ken-sama.

He was taught by Jean Paul on how to rob houses, his main source of income.

Motivated by his lust for Japanese culture, he joined the Los Santos chapter of the Yakuza clan "Dragon Six". He works under Joseph, an eccentric oyabun accustomed to a life of crime.