Daphne Tillamuck is role-played by stitchybird.


She was born in an upper-middle-class household somewhere in the United States. As the only child of her parents, she was quite spoiled by them. After finishing High School she decided to stay with her parents but because she was so spoiled she refused to go to college or to go and get a job. One day her parents got so fed up with her that they decided to teach Daphne a harsh lesson and dropped her off in Los Santos. With her parents only giving her a small amount of money she was left to fend for herself.

If she really finds herself at the bottom or in grave danger her parents offered to pick her up and bring her back home. However, that option is only given as a last resort.


Daphne is a friendly and outgoing person that is happy to meet and befriend just about everyone. Due to her upbringing, she has no criminal experience however she is pretty intelligent and able to learn things from first-hand experience.

Due to recent events, however, her attitude has shifted from wanting to remain clean and unseen to becoming an adrenaline junkie and now revels in doing various crimes. She recently committed her first murder by shooting up a snitch and has lost sleep over it. She feels remorse, however, this is causing her personality to shift towards becoming more cold and less friendly towards others.

Daphne identifies to 95% as a lesbian, however, she doesn't wear it on her sleeve. She will only talk about it if the conversation comes up or if a man asks her out. She is okay with men hitting on her and will often hit on them right back just for fun, she loves to flirt, but if it goes further than flirting she will stop it in its tracks. Originally Daphne was not looking for a committed relationship, however after a crack binge with Violet and Maxy she was "no-balls" dared into marrying Violet and she did. She loves her very much. She is also dating Casey Valentine and that relationship is going further than anticipated as well.


Paddy Patrickson

She called Paddy to see if he wants to hang out and did her first crimes with him. They have been close ever since then and he is mainly to blame for Daphne becoming a criminal.

The Fallen MC

Daphne is friends with all the members of her MC, she trusts them and enjoys being around them.

Kai Lumen

Kai is one of Daphne's Friends that she often hangs out with when she is not with MC members.

Mako Nokt

Mako is one of Daphne's Friends that she often hangs out with when she is not with MC members.


Daphne still considers the remaining BBMC members as friends and doesn't really want any harm to happen to them.


Violet van Housen

She is married to Violet after Maxy suggested the couple get married during a coke binge. They are in an open relationship and both are in a relationship with Casey.

Casey Valentine

Daphne's relationship with him started with flirty and cheeky remarks during chases and while in a cell at mission row. After she got stabbed by Dazza and hit by Irwin he became her hearthsupport, listening to her troubles and going as far as proposing to hide her from getting killed by the MC if she leaves. She had to hide that relationship for a long time out of fear because she was sure Dundee would kill her for it. During a dad talk from Paddy and Maxy Mersion she admitted to loving Casey.

Arrival in Los Santos

Daphne arrived in Los Santos in late June 2019.

Joining the Bondi Boys MC

Daphne has joined the Bondi Boys MC as a prospect in search of a family she can rely on. She is working hard on proving herself by learning everything she can and practicing to excel at every possible job that can be done.

As of August 7th, 2019 Daphne is now a fully patched member of the BBMC.

On September 6th, 2019 Daphne was appointed as the club Treasurer.

She has recently developed an addiction to crack after taking it every now and then.

One day as she was visiting Parson with her friends Kai and Mako, who jokingly wanted her to get therapy over her addiction, she was kidnapped and stabbed by Dazza Dundee. After leaving the hospital she got batted down by Irwin Dundee because she tried to voice her feelings, that caused her to permanently lose trust in Irwin. On top of that he also threatened to kill her if she ever took drugs again causing her to fear for her life. During that time the officer Casey Valentine became a important pillar of support to her.

Founding of the Fallen MC

After a fallout between most of the MC members and Irwin Dundee, she and the others founded the Fallen MC.

Being free from Dundee she immediately started acting happier and even admitted to other MC members about dating a police officer.

Leaving the Fallen MC

After some incidents, including Casey talking about marriage, Maxy came to the conclusion that Daphnes relationship with Casey is becoming more and more of a issue for the Club. In a first step Maxy stripped her of the Treasurer rank and threatened to kill one of them. Daphne was then offered to pick between staying with the MC or picking Casey and leaving the MC. Daphne decided to stay with Casey after she made sure he means it serious with her.

The members of the Fallen MC have reacted different to her decision, some going as far as ghosting her.

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