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Daphne Valentino (formerly Daphne Tillamuck) was a character role-played by stitchybird.


Daphne was born to Cora and Daniel Tillamuck on December 15th, 1999

The Tillamuck family was upper middle class, based in Rome, Georgia US. Cora and Daniel owned and operated a horse stud farm.

Daphne is an only child and was spoiled by her parents, given everything she wanted and rarely made to do anything she didn't want to do. She was home schooled up until middle school years where she was then sent off to Darling School boarding school in Rome, GA. 

Despite the environment she was raised in, Daphne did not have a supportive family or happy childhood. Cora, her mother, was verbally abusive, uncaring, and would often mistreat Daphne or do cruel things to her. One story Daphne recalls often was a horse she had become close to, one that would greet her at the fence whenever she came home and she would often hang around and groom, ride, and talk to. Her mother found out and told Daphne to stop, citing that this would "soften" the horse and it would become unfit to stud. After Daphne refused, she forced her to witness as she put the horse down violently. 

Daniel, her father, was not abusive however was often so focused on work that he would not pay any attention or talk to his daughter. Most of his life was spent in his office buried in paperwork or his laptop, or passed out drunk on the couch.

After graduating school, Daphne became aloof and would stay at home or go out partying. She would often bring home random women to sleep with (identifying as a lesbian at the time). She stopped caring about anyone or anything except herself. Her mother and father became very upset with her and gave her the ultimatum of either getting a job or going to private college. She declined both options and was then forced out of the house.

On June 25th 2019 Cora took Daphne to Los Santos and dropped her off with clothing and $5k cash. Cora told her she must fend for herself from now on, as she would be completely cut off from family funds or support, however Cora told her that only on DIRE circumstances would she be able to return. Cora gave Daphne a specific phone number and was told if she learned her lesson, if she was broke and living on the streets, only then could she return.


Despite her spoiled upbringing, Daphne is quite laid back and chill. She loves meeting new people and making friends, regardless of who they are, affiliations, gender, race, etc. She always believes in "the more the merrier" when it comes to friends. 

However, because of her upbringing, she is very sheltered. Daphne has no real "street" experience or knowledge. Throughout her time in Los Santos she has learned a lot. 

On her initial arrival to Los Santos, Daphne's plans were to find the hottest party spots, find friends, and a nice woman to call her own. Her plans changed quite a bit, as she initially wanted to remain "clean" and not partake in criminal activity (aside from the occasional speeding and running red lights). 

Friends she had met started introducing her to petty crime, her first criminal activity being beating up a local with a baseball bat. She was then moved on to robbing convenience stores, and even robbing banks. 

Daphne started really loving her petty criminal lifestyle, fully adopting it and getting addicted to the adrenaline rush. 

Originally she was afraid of getting caught, she was afraid of tarnishing her name and losing friends because she was a criminal. After a short amount of time however she realized that getting caught was part of the fun, she would make chases as fun as possible for both herself, her crew, and the cops. Even having fun (and often flirting) with the cops once detained. A lot of cops got to know Daphne very well and will often "identify" her at crime scenes, even if they cannot use it in court. 


Originally Daphne identified fully as a lesbian, however during her time in Los Santos shes shifted to identifying as bi-sexual. Daphne married Violet Van Housen while part of the Bondi Boys MC, the relationship was considered "open" as they both loved to flirt and sometimes sleep with others. Violet and Casey Valentine were seen flirting together and Daphne joined in, even though she had never been with a man, afterwards she decided that she enjoyed the company of men as well. Daphne and Casey officially started dating, even though Casey is a cop, however they were adamant that neither would get involved with or discuss each others business, and if Casey were to detain Daphne in a crime no special treatment would be given.

Daphne and Casey broke up, then shortly after Violet requested a divorce.

After the breakup and divorce Daphne went into a deep depression and went on a crack binge, falling off a bridge and severely injuring herself and was ICU'd for several days.

Shortly after her recovery she started dating again, she asked Jason Meyers out and he accepted. Her and Jason dated briefly, however Daphne started falling in love with another man she'd met during a pawn run, Jack Valentino.

Daphne tried to let Jason down gently, telling him that she really liked him but wasn't in love and hoped they would remain friends, however Jason reacted strongly and was not happy, especially because of who Daphne had told him she'd fallen in love with.. as Jason and Valentino were friends.

Jack Valentino proposed to Daphne in January 2020 and she accepted, they were married in February.

While Daphne is now in a fully committed relationship, she has not lost the habit of flirting with others. She is often found flirting with women especially, and believes this may one day get her in deep trouble.

Joining the Bondi Boys MC

Daphne joined the Bondi Boys MC as a prospect in search of a family she could rely on. She worked hard on proving herself by learning everything she could and practiced to excel at every possible job that could be done.

On August 7th, 2019 Daphne became a fully patched member of the BBMC.

On September 6th, 2019 Daphne was appointed as the club Treasurer.

She has recently developed an addiction to crack after taking it every now and then.

One day as she was visiting Parson with her friends Kai and Mako, who jokingly wanted her to get therapy over her addiction, she was kidnapped and stabbed by Dazza Dundee. After leaving the hospital she got batted down by Irwin Dundee because she tried to voice her feelings, that caused her to permanently lose trust in Irwin. On top of that he also threatened to kill her if she ever took drugs again causing her to fear for her life. During that time the officer Casey Valentine became a important pillar of support to her.

Founding of the Fallen MC

After a fallout between most of the MC members and Irwin Dundee, she and the others founded the Fallen MC.

Being free from Dundee she immediately started acting happier and even admitted to other MC members about dating a police officer.

Leaving the Fallen MC

After some incidents, including Casey talking about marriage, Maxy came to the conclusion that Daphne's relationship with Casey is becoming more and more of a issue for the Club. In a first step Maxy stripped her of the Treasurer rank and threatened to kill one of them. Daphne was then offered to pick between staying with the MC or picking Casey and leaving the MC. Daphne decided to stay with Casey after she made sure he means it serious with her.

The members of the Fallen MC have reacted different to her decision, some going as far as ghosting her.

The Fallen MC was disbanded after several of the members, including the President, decided it was no longer worth their time or effort to keep things afloat.

Joining the Misfits

Some time after leaving the Fallen MC, Daphne began hanging out with the Misfits and began being a prospect for them. After many weeks of being a goon in the gang, she was finally promoted to being a full member.

Leaving the Misfits

After weeks of her friends and family (including her fiance Jack Valentino) begging her to leave the Misfits, she finally left on February 9, 2020. She was torn whether to heed her loved ones advice or stay with the gang, but the decision was made easier for her after she became one of the casualties in the war between the Misfits and Chang Gang.

Joining the Angels of Death

After working with Samuel "Kiwi" Tumeke, Bob White, Johnathan Haygood and other members of the Angels of Death MC, including them training her on the Paleto Bank hacking, she got to know the crew. After informing Kiwi that she officially left the Misfits he extended an offer for he to become a prospect for the Angels of Death.

After much consideration and internal struggle, Daphne decided to go ahead and prospect for the Angels of Death. Originally she was conflicted due to past experiences with MCs, however she feels comfortable with this MC since she has worked closely with them in the past and believes this may finally be the right place for her.

Patch-over to Lunatix MC

After Kiwi left the city, Ash "Huddy" Hudson was given the President patch and took over the role. Dutch, a long time member, came back to the city after a long absence and challenged his leadership. All members of AoD were gathered by gunpoint by both Dutch and members of the Lost MC and told to either take off the patch or face consequences. Dutch gave them a week to decide what they wanted to do before he took action. Because of the frustration of having built up the club and forming a tight-knit family with the current members, along with a lot of bad blood with the circumstances behind why Kiwi left the city and the tarnished name of Angels of Death, Ash reached out to the Lunatix national club president in another country and asked for the blessing to create a chapter in Los Santos patch over to the Lunatix MC.

The blessing was given and the remaining active members of Angels of Death, including Daphne, were patched over to the Lunatix MC.

Daphne finally feels like she's found her place, even though she knows her reputation around the city as being a "crew-hopper". She's very happy with her new family, and has even been able to meet the other chapters members during a funeral event held in another city.

Even though Daphne was never forced to sign a blood contract she has specifically stated that the only way she will ever leave the Lunatix is in a body bag.

The End

After Daphne was sloppy and notes were found linking her to snitching to Lauren Forcer about the taco shop being a front for drug trafficking, the Lunatix took Daphne to the roof of an airport building, cut off her toes, and got her to confess. Daphne was flown out of the city to the mother chapter in Sydney, AU to be dealt with. She was murdered that same day.

Daphne Valentino (Tillamuck) 12/15/1999 - 06/29/2020

Played By: stitchybird
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