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Daniel Dvoudal (aka Danny Doodle) was a character role-played in NoPixel 3.0.

Danny's role-player does not stream.

Background & Art Portfolio

An approximate portrait of Danny.

Danny Doodle, real name Daniel Dvoudal, is a freelance artist who moved to Los Santos in pursuit of a successful career and general renown. He has briefly dabbled in pun-based stand-up comedy.

Danny's portfolio of work includes many portraits, posters, business cards, and other miscellaneous artworks, though his initial goal was to focus on portraiture and sketching as many of the citizens of Los Santos as he could. His portfolio has since grown to include courtroom sketches and even forms of "propaganda".


Danny Doodle's first poster for The Rooster's Rest.

Danny is sensitive, anxious, and adaptive. He has a big mouth that often gets him in trouble. He finds himself and his dad-joke level puns hilarious. He is a perpetual easy target.

Danny found his first success in Los Santos doing portraiture and posters for The Rooster's Rest. His Rooster posters were commissioned by Ellie Dono, who was generally delighted by Danny's work. Ellie's positive affirmations encouraged Danny to finally place more value in his art, and was key in boosting both his confidence and his prices.

He has since made thousands of dollars as one of Los Santos' more successful artists, including but not limited to work for Abdul AlRahim, Buck Stanton, Sarah Ableton, and Stanly Lessfield (AKA Stagdancer). Through his prolific drawing and networking, Danny has loose connections with members of various organizations and businesses throughout the city, such as The Vagos, South Side Ballas, The Rooster's Rest, Pegasus Concierge, Diamond Resort and Casino, Sinister Souls MC, and Camelot Enterprises.

His success as an artist, along with several traumatic experiences, have hardened Danny over time. He's doing his best to adapt to the dangerous crime-ridden streets of Los Santos.

Assorted Scars

Danny drawing his physical and emotional pain.

Danny has either gotten, found, or been led into a lot of trouble. That trouble has consistently left its marks on Danny.

As of April 3rd, 2021, Danny Doodle's 'scars' include:

  • The scar of a non-fatal stab wound on his lower torso.
  • Missing right pinky finger with an uneven stub.
  • Gunshot scarring and shrapnel in his right knee. Bumpy.
  • The name "KAT" scarred into his right arm. Covered with a tattoo.
  • The letter "L" scarred over his left pectoral, just near his heart.
  • A reddish hue on most of his front teeth and the corners of his mouth.
  • A slit bisecting the middle of his tongue-tip. Scarring runs further back.

Danny's body and mind are both heavily scarred.

The Pegasus Pains

One of Danny's artworks used to process his trauma at the hands of Pegasus.

After witnessing a woman stab his friend Tommy Tanker at the delivery depot, Danny followed them to the apartments, where he was also stabbed. Afterwards, he called on friend Layla Lockhart and Sinister Souls MC for protection. Danny's friends determined the name of the stabber's accomplice - a name Danny would come to fear: Denzel.

Later that week, Danny's friend Ellie Velasquez was also stabbed by the same woman at The Rooster's Rest. Witnesses heard the stabber's name - Mia. Danny and Ellie searched public records for the names "Mia" and "Denzel", and based on priors and mugshots, identified Mia Mersion and Denzel Williams as the duo - both employed by Pegasus Concierge. Ellie and Danny later met with Detective Luka Kozlov to file a police report about their injuries.

At the Diamond Resort and Casino, Danny unknowingly sat next to Denzel. At some point Danny overheard Denzel's name and lost his cool. Mia picked up on Danny's anxiety, leaning over his shoulder, taunting. Danny then informed Tommy, Ellie, and friend Natalia Omar. The group watched Denzel and Mia until it was safe to leave the Casino.

Many things were happening behind the scenes between Pegasus, the Sinister Souls, and Camelot Enterprises, the organization Tommy was affiliated with.

A week later Danny was held up by Miles Landon at the apartments. Denzel and two others pulled up in a van, forced Danny into the back, and drove to oil fields southeast of the city. There he was brutally interrogated for information on Camelot and why his friends had been watching Denzel and Mia at the Casino. Denzel slowly cut Danny's pinky finger from his right hand, sending Danny into shock. Danny talked his way into surviving. He was shot in the knee and left to limp to the city.

Danny has dealt with his trauma via gambling, drinking, drug use, talk therapy with Austin Avery and Doctor Drake, and his art.

Courtroom Sketch Artist & Sinister Suffering

Danny's first official sketch as the court's artist, depicting The People v. Finn Harlow.

Danny was hired by Justice Labarre and Justice Antigone Weston at City Hall to sketch various historic cases and moments for the Department of Justice following his presentation of his sketch of the Otto Del Mar et al. case. He has since drawn the hearing and execution of serial killer Finn Harlow.

Danny was betrayed by one of his only close friends, Abigail Sharp, and tortured once again, this time by Billy Mang, Layla Lockhart, and Sebastian Santana Velez, who spray-painted his mouth red and forked his tongue with a knife. The reasons behind this torture are largely due to personal conflict between Danny and Layla, whom had been becoming close as friends for a short while before Danny grew uncomfortable with her flirtatious nature, given her status as Billy's Old Lady.


A makeshift logo for RISE as drawn by Danny.

In short, Danny Doodle was the original founder and primary propagator of the RISE movement in 3.0. His motives were both political and personal. As "Nobody", Danny individually wrote and disseminated amongst Los Santos the 50+ written works associated with the radical pro-civilian movement, as well as the majority of the graffiti seen throughout the city. The written works were later compiled by the increasingly unstable Danny Doodle in a partial autobiography and compendium entitled "The Book of RISE". Although this tome was intended for mass distribution, Danny met his inevitable end before that could occur.

Denzel Becomes Mayor

One of the drawings released as anti-Denzel agitprop during Denzel Williams' run for mayor. This was originally drawn by Danny Doodle to help process his trauma in art therapy.

What Danny was up to during the third mayoral election and Denzel Williams' subsequent term as mayor. (To Be Updated.)

TL;DR: Emboldened and enraged by widespread propaganda claiming his personal demon Denzel Williams was in fact "a good and honest man", Danny finally shared his trauma via several forms anti-Denzel propaganda. Amongst this agitprop was a rehearsed "emotional" tape recording detailing his kidnapping and torture, with the dual purpose of speaking truth to power and baiting out a reaction from Denzel and/or his campaign.

Descent & Death

Daniel "Danny Doodle" Dvoudal died brutally on August 20th, 2021 after Denzel Williams, Andi Jones, and Kian Mercer removed his remaining fingers, stabbed him in the throat with a pencil, beat him with a barbed-wire bat, and shot him multiple times in the head and body. Kermy Fulker and Lexi Law - the latter of which had previously provided Danny safe harbor in the form of keys and employment at Vultur Lé Culturé - were also in attendance.


  • Danny once offended Arush Patel Santana AKA "Speedy" of The Vagos & Putos Fruitos with an offer of low-quality fruit. Disrespected, Speedy pulled Danny aside and threatened him. Danny, in a desperate move to generate respect, pulled a knife on Speedy. Half-a-dozen nearby Vagos then pointed guns at Danny's back.
  • Danny briefly dated Kat Jones, but his jealousy and self-doubt led the two to a mutual breakup. She later carved her name into Danny's right arm so "he would always remember her". Danny has since covered her name with a tattoo.
  • According to Layla Lockhart, Danny has a habit of "poking bears and collecting puppies". Figuratively.
  • The finger Danny lost to Denzel Williams is known in drawing as "the resting finger". Since losing this finger, Danny finds it very difficult to rest.
  • Danny is an emotional terrorist, and will use his own erratic state-of-mind, melodrama, trauma, and emotions to his advantage in manipulating other people. He very rarely reveals his true self or true intentions. He's learned not to. Empathy can be a weapon.
  • Danny considers Eve Summers his sister. Their friendship has been strained by Eve's rise through the ranks of Rooster's Ranch and support of Denzel Williams during the third mayoral election.
  • Danny died holding many of the high scores at the Digital Den under the alias "VANDAL".