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Danielle Summers is a character role-played by Spekel


Danielle Summers, Danny for short, is the daughter of Sonya Summers and Grant Mason. She was left to grow up with Grant back in Australia. Grant sent her to college in Los Santos as that is where he met her mother and spent most of his bachelor years - Danny doesn't know or has never met Sonya. She has just started a four year Bachelor's degree for Photography as University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA). In Sydney, Danny worked on her dad’s dingo farm where she would ride dirt bikes and drive around on the farmland as well as take landscape photographs.

New Beginnings

Danny’s first day was very eventful. She set out trying to find out how to purchase a DSLR camera for her photography college degree. Grant, her father, gave her $5,000 to purchase it. While asking people around the apartments where to acquire a camera she was picked up by a supposed oil tycoon Andrew “Big Andy” Buckle in a limousine and he and his driver took Danny to Digital Den and MRPD to try to find  one. Andy told Danny about a Wu Chang Records party that he was going to.

While at MRPD Danny ran into Allen Widemann who told her about a Wu Chang Records party at the Art Gallery. Tickets to the party were $1,500 for a ticket. Danny decided that she wouldn’t go and hold onto the money that her father gave her. While hitchhiking from MRPD Danny met La La Jones and soon they became BFFs. While riding around with La La Andy called and said that he had an extra VIP ticket to the Wu Chang Records party so Danny and La La hit up a clothing store to dress appropriately.

Andy arrived at the Clothing store to pick up Danny and La La. Andy offered Danny a potion and the ticket in the glovebox. Danny drank the potion and grabbed the ticket. After drinking the drink Danny started to get overly infatuated with Andy. She was dragging him around while waiting in the queue at the event and talking about marriage. It later turned out that Andy gave Danny a love potion. Its effects lasted one hour and during the event the effects wore off and during dancing Andy ended up punching Danny and she confronted Andy and they resolved their differences.


Growing up in Sydney Danny would often hitchhike to get from location to location and still continues to hitchhike in Los Santos. She often will stand at intersections and hold out her thumb for minutes on end waiting for a ride and she will often walk along roads with her thumb out. She feels that hitchhiking lets her meet more people, good or bad, in her new city.

Internship at Los Santos Broadcast Network (LSBN)

On Danny’s second day in Los Santos she saw a Yellow Pages ad by Ethan Burke (Director of Technology and Filmography) of LSBN. She called Ethan and stated she was looking for work or an internship, but he said that LSBN was not hiring at the moment but anyone can come and clock-in with Jeff at the front desk to get a camera and start getting footage. Ethan did mention about the LSBN production side and gave her the number of Dilion Dubbs the head of entertainment.

Danny called Dilion Dubbs and said that she was willing to do what she can to get a job or an internship and work herself up the ladder. Dilion said that Danny saying she was willing to work her way to the top made her stand out. He offered her an interview on the spot. Dilion gave Danny a task to create a portfolio of landscape shots from around Los Santos. Danny took over 11 photos all around the city which she rode a bike around as well as hitchhiked. During taking photos Danny ended up falling off a bridge and ended up in a cast.

Danny showed up to the LSBN building in a cast and Dilion was really impressed with her grit and determination as well as her actual work (see Portfolio). Dilion wants Danny to do camera work on upcoming shows, one named 90-Minute Fiancée. Dilion showed Danny around the LSBN building to get acquainted.

Smoke on the Water

On Danny’s third day Dilion and Harlan mention to her that she might want to find a downtime job that can fill gaps between LSBN shoots and named Windsong and Smoke on the Water. Danny calls Windsong and asks for an interview. After tsunami while hitchhiking in front of the apartments and happens upon Tig, Windsong’s girlfriend, driving a Smoke on the Water van, and gets a lift to the grow operation in Stab City.

At the grow op Danny meets Windsong and they become acquainted, smoke some weed, and Danny helps with restocking the van and is offered a job. Windsong recognizes the Summers last name and asks Danny if she has any relation to Sonya and how not once Sonya brought up having a kid. Danny, while high, got depressed after hearing that but Tig and Windsong cheered her up. On the ride to take the product to Dean’s World Danny falls out of the van and then proceeded to walk from Stab City to Sandy Shores with her thumb out the whole way eventually being picked up by Windsong. Danny then learns the ropes of selling products at Dean’s World.

Played By: Spekel
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