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Dan Fingle was a character role-played by TheBigMeech.


Dan Fingle was an angry old man who is the self-proclaimed rival of Fingle Dan.

During DanCon 2021, The Dan Clan left Dan Fingle to die on the side of the road, Vingle Dan then took a bite out of his arm. Later after being saved by an EMS helicopter he vowed to get revenge on the family that left him to die.

Dan Fingle's first revenge action was when he burned Kringle Dan alive multiple times while trying to take a picture with his burning body, failing many times and having to relight his body to redo the picture.

Next Dan had a brawl with Fingle Dan after a high speed chase through the city. During this fated Battle with Fingle Dan, Dan Fingle was shot and downed. Immediately after downing him, Fingle Dan also collapsed to a loss of blood.

While the Dan Clan was attempting to bait Dan Fingle into meeting them at the Vinewood sign, Dan Fingle hid in the bushes and ambushed them. He managed to take out both Wingle Dan and Gloryon with his gun.

Dan Fingle then came to the burgershot to finish his revenge, taking down Fingle Dan, Kringle Dan, Dingle Fan, Pringle Dan, and Robert Spowylamywanowski. When the police arrived on the scene Dan attempted to escape but was shot and killed in a shootout.

Played By: TheBigMeech
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