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Dan Clan is a family based in Los Santos that has lived in the area for over a thousand years. Most of them have the surname "Dan" or something rhyming with Dan. The surname in origin commonly descriptive of a person with a fedora, a sweater, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of brown shoes.

Origins of Dan

The Dan family is an unexplainable mystery and they seemingly just keep appearing at random. Their origins are enigmatic; however, it is said that "Fingle was a pioneer of genetic research who began to lose his mind and his paranoia made a Faustian bargain with an eldritch god to extend his life infinitely via cloning, but it all went wrong and his mind fractured into dozens of different versions of himself, each of which became its own Dan."

To possibly corroborate this theory further, Fingle drove near the Humane Labs with McCingle Dan and told him "That's where we all came from." Shortly thereafter, McCingle replied with the vague statement of "I sure hope no government agency looks into that!"

Terms of note

Fingle Sauce

Fingle Sauce is an condiment that comes on the Fingle Burger. It is exclusively sold at Burger Shot. It is created by Fingle Dan, however the other Dan Clan members are able to create their own brands of sauce. This sauce is used on the Fingle Burgers at Burger Shot, and is described as having the color and consistency of ranch.

(It's cum)

Dan Con

Dan Con is the name of a convention run by the Dan Clan. It is a special date where many members of the Dan Clan visit the city and come together.

The first Dan Con took place on April 19, 2021 and featured an unfortunate massive accident caused by Humberto "Don" Pecorino which killed many Dans, as well as the arch nemesis of the Fingles, Dan Fingle, who was hunting down members of the family.

The second Dan Con took place May 14th 2021 and happened on the same day as a Block party. This event featured a mass attack of Dans and Blocks on police officers, a ritual to summon Vingle Dan back from hell, a block trial where the Dans got drunk and vomited all over the courtroom, as well as multiple family trips to prison. It was also the day of Mentle Block's and Fingle Dan's wedding.

Many gatherings of Dans have transpired since then.

On 11/14/21, Fingle Dan had the momentous birthday Dan Con. The events of this Dan Con would include: Selling heroin, ocean dumping a PD Explorer (Sam Baas's Explorer to be specific), putting Owen Svensen in the ICU, and much, much more.

Dan Trial

A Dan Trial is a bench trial that takes place when a Dangle of Dans are present after committing a slew of crimes that can range from petty crime to misdemeanors. The Dan Clan even have their own bar certified lawyer, Fingill Dan.

The first ever Dan Trial took place on 11/19/2021, the Dan Trial that lead to the discovery that both officer Aaron Byson and officer Ace Crow are afraid of the Vagos. This was also the Dan Trial that lead to Ace Crow being blown up outside the courthouse by the Dans to teach him a lesson - the lesson being that he shouldn't be afraid of the Vagos, but instead, the Dans.

Dangle of Dans

Dangle is the word used to describe a group of Dans. Similar to a gaggle of geese. The term was coined when judge Alan Crane wanted to know what a group of Dans was called and Fingle responded with "Dangle".

Fingle Favors

A "Fingle Favor" is a scam run by the Dans. The Dan's trade a "Fingle Favor" for money or other items, promising to help them with something in the future Fingle paid off his ENUS payments using this scam.

The Gates of Dan

Kingle Dan has constantly been working towards his goal of opening the "Gates of Dan," a process in which one of every type of gun in Los Santos must be gathered.


Partnership with the Blocks  

Partnership with the Blocks

Mentle and Fingle getting married

The Block Family and the Dan Clan have always been on good terms, and Fingle Dan is even an OG member of the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz. Both families want to one day take over Los Santos and rename it to "Block Dantos."

To symbolize this partnership, it was decided during the second DanCon that one member of each family would get married to the other. Mentle Block was chosen as the Block to be married due to his desire to obtain a green card, and Fingle Dan was chosen as the Dan. They were officially married by Rhode Block. The union was named "Dan Block."

The Dans become terrorists  

The Dans become terrorists

After Vingle Dan got arrested by Jack Ripley, Vingle, along with Fingle Dan, Fingill Dan and Dingle Fan decided to confront Ripley in front of the PD. After trying to get Ripley to step out of his vehicle to talk to Vingle face to face, their vehicle suddenly exploded, alarming the Dans and causing them to run away, thinking they just committed terrorism. Ripley informed the other members of PD, thinking the Dans had used some sort of explosive, and all on duty officers arrived on scene.

The Dans climbed a nearby building and held out on the roof, contemplating whether or not they should shoot their way out of their situation. Trying to use their circumstances to their advantage, the Dans attempted to make demands via twatter, stating they would stop the explosions if death row inmate Mel Rickenbacker was let out of jail. Air-1 was soon sent to their location, but it was blown up as well.

Even though the PD were watching the building from several angles, Fingill managed to escape through a fire escape towards the back and got away. Planning to return for the others, Fingill rented a bison and called the other Dans to tell them about this unwatched escape route. Trying to escape the same way, Vingle and Fingle fell off the ladder and were incapacitated on the ground. Fingill tried to save them in his bison, but his vehicle was disabled by gunfire and was shot with a shotgun by Lenny Hawk after punching him. Meanwhile, Dingle, in an attempt to save Fingle, threatened officers with a shoe, claiming it was a bomb. After officers continued to pursue despite their warnings, the officers once again blew up and got knocked on the ground, along with Fingle and Dingle. Several more explosions ensued, wiping out most of the police force the EMS, along with their vehicles.

Ripley was among one of the many explosion victims, and let all the Dans go due to thinking they caused all those explosions and he would be in danger if he tried to arrest them.

Police Informants  

Police Informants

In order to find a wanted criminal, Owen Svensen assigned Fingle and his brothers to find them for a large sum of money. It took the Dans less than a minute to find the criminal and Fingle was awarded $10,000 for his assistance. Since then, Fingle and the other Dans have taken on the role of the informant, informing the PD of happenings around the city in return for money.

The Dans make sure to announce they are informants very loudly any chance they get. Although they claim they don't inform on their friends, this angered certain people, such as Mel Rickenbacker, who shoots the Dans whenever he sees them while yelling "This is for being a police informant."

After finding out about the Dans' new lifestyle, Mike Block made Fingle and Dingle kidnap and shoot Roy Armstrong, and post the picture on Twatter. Although a warrant was created for his attempted murder, Roy decided to forgive Fingle and Dingle due to the good work they have done in the past, and deleted the warrant.

Civil War  

Dan Clan: Civil War

On 11/5/21 Fingle Dan berated Benchingle Dan on ordering him around all day. This resulted in Benchingle dropping his ID on the ground, effectively leaving the Dan Clan, and vowing to hunt down Fingle and the rest of the Dan's until he got his guns back.

On 11/6/21, while preforming a "stink operation" with Randy Wrangler, Fingle attempted to set up Fake Tony by claiming he was interested in buying River Cheever's weed. Fingle and Wrangler went to the location Tony told Fingle to meet him at, but it was an ambush attempt by Tony and Benchingle, who were shot down by police.

Later that day Benchingle and Boobingle Dan contacted Fingle, claiming they just wanted to talk it out and get Bench's guns back. They agreed to meet at the FIB building. Fingle let Louis Bloom know to come down to the building just in case things went south. After giving Benchingle his guns back, Benchingle claimed Fingle was keeping one of his guns, even though Fingle had given them all back. Benchingle and Boobingle then started shooting the Dan's, and shot down Fingle. Texingle Dan and Dingle Fan shot back in self defense, which ended up injuring Boobingle and killing Benchingle.

Bloom arrived on scene as the surviving Dan's were leaving, and saw that Benchingle had been killed. He later put all the Dan's into interrogation rooms, and although the Dan's explained it was self defense, Dingle was charged for 1st degree murder and a warrant was created for Texingle for accomplice to 1st degree murder for providing the gun.

Mythic FIB Progression  

FIB Quests

First code: 195582

DOC guard giving Fingle the second code: 6279910

In search of a new office that could hold more Dans, Fingle and the Dans made the discovery of the FIB building. Initallity, the FIB building was inhabited with non functioning security systems and it had enough space to house practically all of the Dans, so it was the perfect candidate; however, shortly after the death of Benchingle Dan, FIB agent Bench Guy became aware of the Dans takeover and retook control of the building, fixing the security systems. Initially, the Dans were not threatened by this, but they came to a rude awakening after finding out that the security systems installed actually do work, and any unauthorised persons that enter will be shot on sight.

Third code found at Chumash Pier: 7720153

Fourth code found on top of Mt. Chiliad: 9209747

The Dans have made multiple attempts to storm the FIB building with many hostages, class 2’s, etc. and have even brought multiple police officers to the scene to stop Bench Guy from his reign of terror; but all of their attempts have failed. However, after coming back to the FIB building once more, Fingle discovered a note on one of the security alarms reading "(Can be disabled with advanced hacking device found near Paleto Bank. Input code below)". Fingle found the code next to a dumpster in Paleto and input the code. He was granted access and was then able to move on to the next search for the next code.

This, then, prompted a series of quests put out by the FIB themselves, whereas the Dan’s must keep completing quests in search of new codes. Right now, all that is known is that there are 3 “tiers” to the FIB building, each of which is presumed to have their own unique individual quests with codes that must be found. What exactly these quests/codes lead to is currently unknown; however, after shooting two non-Dan hostages in front of MRPD, the Dan’s were granted access to the call center for a limited time, the access code for the call center being 1114.

Dan Clan unlocking the debriefing room

Dan Clan Regulars


Deceased Dans


  • "Man."
  • "Yes, man."
  • "Classic Fingle."
  • "We like to have fun around here"
  • "Huuuuuuuuuuuu"
  • "Hell Week!"
  • "Old Style"
  • "Cum."
  • "It's all love."


  • Most of The Dan's have false ages on their licenses
  • The Dans may be figments of Fingle Dan's imagination