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Damien Tinkerman is a character role-played by Zaitohro.

General Information

Damien is an Executive for Wu Chang Records.

He is also a Hangaround for the Lost MC.


Damien moved to Los Santos on December 6, 2021. New to the city and unsure of his path, he originally “signed” with Down Bad Records as an independent artist, so he could use their tape deck for his music. However, feeling alone and out of place at DBR, he quickly decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps and ended up signing with Wu Chang. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Executive. He connected with many CG and Street Team members, although not on a personal level.

While his artistic life prospered, he felt lonely and searched for a place to belong to. While working Dodo he met Jesse Reed and Jesse was the first person to see Damien more than just a face. Jesse seemed to have found a place in the Bondi Boys MC, which made Damien curious. He met up with Jesse and TJ, listening to their stories and getting an understanding for the club. On the 15th of February 2022, after a talk with Pez, Damien got accepted as Hangaround. TJ was responsible as jacketed member for Damien in the club, after some time Damien became Pez' Hangaround.

Damien was struggling with the pressure of being a Hangaround and having to meet a certain image. After some conversations, on the 11th of April 2022 Pez decided it would be best for Damien to become a Business Associate. After giving it some time, Damien decided to step fully away from BBMC and stop being an Associate.

Damien used to own a mansion he called “The Tinkermanor”, located at the end of a Cul-De-Sac in the lower parts of Vinewood. He bought it for 1.2 mil within his second week in the city, and had it fully paid off roughly two and a half weeks later. The majority of the money was made by selling bundles of his merch, custom art and custom songs. Feeling like people judged him because of his assets, not taking him seriously when it came to crime, and not liking the emptiness of living alone in a big house - Damien sold the mansion and most of his cars and moved to the Southside. This is where he’s currently living, hanging out a lot with the Vagos. After some conversations with them, on the 11th May 2022, Damien became a Hangaround for them.

Damien missed the Bondi Boys MC and Junior Meats invited Damien to become a Hangaround for the BBMC again. Damien played with the thought but in the end it didn't work out. Damien is currently concentrating on his music career and is a Hangaround for the Lost MC.


Damien is soft spoken but not afraid to say his mind. He loves to rant about his problems to people. If he's bored he will create memes and spam them to get attention.

He cares about his friends, tries to supply people with food and other things they need. If he has a goal he's incredibly hardworking.

People could describe him as too nice for his own good.


Damien can be easily identified by his white hair, white skin and his tattoos. He has tattoos all over his body, visible are: cross tattoos all over his arms, stitch tattoos around his mouth and tattoos on his neck.

He's often wearing black clothes and sunglasses.


Damien is signed to Wu Chang Records, he is a talented artist who loves to prove his versatility.


As a Lead Artist
Release Date
Combined Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
Today Is My Enemy December 6, 2021
Deserted Dreams December 6, 2021
Welcome To The Nightmare December 2021
Second Best December 14, 2021
Not Afraid To Die (Feat. P Money) January 2022
Freak (Feat. Liz Anya) January 28, 2022
Walk Alone April 16, 2022
Corleone Song April 22, 2022
Falling Apart May 13, 2022
Spotlight May 13, 2022
On The Run May 14, 2022
Don't Push Me Away June 8, 2022
Balloon (Feat. Don Dolph) June 15, 2022
Bow Down June 27, 2022
Alternate Versions

Remixes & Acapella Versions

Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube
Freak (Acapella) January 28, 2022 Non-album Single
  • Acapella version of Damien & Liz Anya's song "Freak".

Music Videos

Music Videos

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  • Completed the BBMC 50k challenge in two days.
  • He used to buy birthday cakes to give to people, but eventually switched to only give them to TJ.
  • Hates weddings, he thinks weddings are funeral with cakes.
  • He likes raccoons but was told by Babalu that all raccoons in the city are evil and come from hell.
  • He is colorblind.
  • Damien likes to call TJ Dad, Father or a variation of that sort of names[1] to the dismay of TJ.
  • Blew up a gas station with a grenade during a Dodo run with a cop, James McTavish, because McTavish was “testing his gangster”[2].
  • Commented that he sees Pez as family.
  • Commented that he has 666 crosses tattooed on his body.
  • The Tinkerman Family owns a Winery near Liberty City.
  • The Tinkermans also have a sister who's currently not living in the city.



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