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Damien Sharp is a character role-played by HexTheDemon.

Background Info

Damien Sharp was born and raised in Florida. Damien was born with parents that hated him for reasons he doesn't know Damien has an older sister named April Sharp who cares about Damien and took care of him when their parents didn't take care like parents are supposed to.

The only reason Damien was still with his family is because his parents wanted their daughter to be happy and she was so happy to have a little brother, but his parents did not love Damien as they abused him mentally and physically. Damien's sister knew about the abuse she would hug Damien at night and tell him that she is there for him and loved him so much as her little brother, as it put a smile on his face as he told her "I'm so happy to have the best elder sister ever". The abuse started when Damien was about 12 and stopped around when Damien was 18.

When Damien was about 13 years old Damien and his sister were walking home from the park, as they were attacked by a mugger. Damien watch his sister protect him as he saw her get beat up and then he blacked out. The last thing he remembers was blacking out and then the color red. Damien's sister protected him and never told him what happened as she didn't want him to know.

When Damien moved in with his girlfriend since she was pregnant and wanted to be there for the child. They found out that they were going to have a baby girl when she was born Damien took a picture with her in his arms then she started to turn blue cause of her lungs were weak. The doctors tried their best to save her life but she was gone. That night Damien's girlfriend had left him alone asleep as she packed up and didn't tell him where she was going.

Damien arrived at Los Santos to start a new life. Damien still looks at the picture to remember his baby.


  • April Sharp - Half Sister from his fathers side. Damien loves and respects her since she was there for him when their parents were not, she was both a mother and a sister when growing up together.
  • Stephanie Gardner - Deceased Girlfriend Stephanie "Steph" found Damien in Colorado when he was walking around the park asleep in the grass on a nice sunny day and thought he looked adorable and didn't want him to be by himself so she waited till he woke up to her feeding the ducks as one nipped her finger on accident.
  • Abigail Sharp - Wife and mother of twins. Damien will go to the ends of the earth to make Abigail happy whether they get arrested together or dive into dumpsters being trash pandas together Damien loves Abigail to much to lose her.
  • Sydney Frost - Best friend to Damien. Damien met her brother in Canada and he gave him Sydney's number to him telling him she would understand escaping an abuser. Damien met Sydney in Los Santos telling her he needs help and someone to talk to about a problem and showed her a picture of him and Sydney's brother showing he is a friend.
  • Dakota Black-Frost -


  • "The voice can tell lies while The eyes tell the truth"


Played By: HexTheDemon
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