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Dallas "Judge" Weston is a character role-played by Fiendota.

Back Story

Dallas "Judge" Weston was a Louisiana Federal Judge that was highly respected as the gavel of the southeast. In his early days "Judge" was responsible for putting away some of the worst criminals, including drug dealers, murderers, and human traffickers. Nearing the end of his time in office Judge eyed for a position in the Supreme Court and believed the best way to obtain that position would be to create an opening. Dallas would contact one of his many not so upstanding connections and have a hitman hired to eliminate John H. Wood Jr. a current Supreme Court Justice. With the elimination, Judge would put his hat in the race and would bring attention to himself by his rivals and would eventually lead him to serve a life sentence in Angola the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Angola is widely regarded as the Alcatraz of the south and is the largest penitentiary of the United States. The charges that Weston would face and convicted of were as follows; high treason and solicitation of murder for hire. He would serve three months there and become widely respected by not only the inmates but also the officers. This would allow him to orchestrate a transfer to San Andreas where he believed the man that was responsible for his conviction was hiding. Judge would search for the man by making connections and building status.


Played By: Fiendota
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