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Dallas Greed is a character role-played by BMGaming.

Dallas Greed was brought up by his mother in a rough midwestern town with very little going for it. His father was a prosperity gospel preacher from the suburbs, who’d paid his mother to keep quiet about the baby to spare his own reputation. That money had seemed like a lot at the time, but it had quickly disappeared in the midst of trying to raise a son.

Sometimes, Dallas would see his birth father on the TV, preaching about how material wealth was a sign of blessing from God. Then he’d look up and down his street and conclude that God really wasn’t paying too much attention to his neighbourhood. And yet, he knew people who drove fancy cars and parties hard, balling and spending money like it was going out of fashion. He started to find out how those people made their money...and it turned out God had nothing to do with it.

Eager to get in on the action and be a ‘playa’, he worked his way into the crowds where he would hear about the right kind of work. It was an odd assortment of pushing drugs, boosting cars, breaking into houses, knocking over stores and even the occasional bank job. It put money in his pocket - enough to live and enough to enjoy. To an extent, at least. He wasn’t gonna be buying a gold-plated private jet like Benny Hinn any time soon.

But he kept chasing the money and indulging in his love of cars and women. Always on the lookout for the next opportunity. That opportunity came when he was approached by Silvano Biloti, a don belonging to a prestigious criminal family from the nearby city. The Bilotis wanted Dallas to whack a guy. It was a major escalation in the type of crime Dallas had chosen to be involved in, but it was also a major escalation in the kind of money he was being paid. Like, a two-zero escalation.

So Dallas did it. The Biloti’s were willing to pay that kind of cheese to keep their names as far from the crime as possible. And it was simple. Dallas just pulled up to the poor schmuck at a stop-light and fired a single shot through the window, then headed on home. The fact that this wasn’t his usual kind of crime actually helped keep him off the cop’s radar when the murder was investigated. His local PD suspected that he was involved in low-level crime, but not this kind of thing.

For that reason, he got away with it more easily than anyone could have guessed. And people noticed that. He started getting more offers of similar work from other interested parties, not just the Bilotis. Without even meaning to, he stumbled into the life of a hitman for hire, shrouded from the law by the implausibility of being that.

After a couple of years, Dallas had racked up a kill count of forty three and a seven figure bank balance. But he was careful not to flash that cash any more than he had been doing all these years. Drawing attention would take away the most potent card in his hand. A couple more hits and he’d get out of the game, and then the real party could start.

Then he got another call from Silvano Biloti. It was another job. He was to take out an off-duty police officer who was proving resistant to bribes. No problem. Except that as Dallas turned to leave, Silvano asked him if he’d consider pledging allegiance to the Biloti family. It would pay handsomely. But Dallas declined, saying he preferred the freedom of being an independent contractor. Silvano smiled. “Have it your way.”

When Dallas arrived at the location the hit was supposed to take place, he immediately smelled that something wasn’t right. He figured that it was because he’d never taken out a cop before. This was serious. Perhaps he should make this his last job.

Then, in the next instant, that decision was taken out of his hands. Cops swarmed in from all directions. Silvano had set him up. It took all of Dallas’ resourcefulness to evade capture and flee the town on foot, abandoning his car as a decoy.

The game was over. All of Dallas’ assets were seized, his bank account drained. There was nothing left for him in his hometown. He knew the Bilotis would never use him again and, in any case, how was he supposed to trust them?

With no other choice, he travelled west, looking for a new place to lay down roots. He’d have to take it slow, but one way or another, he would build up his fortune again.