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Dakota Black-Frost is role-played by WrathyyRP.

General Description

Dakota is the founder and current President of the Sinister Souls MC.

Physical Description

Some of Dakota most noticeable features is the eyepatch covering her right eye socket, and her 9 fingers having had her ring finger cut off while being tortured. She has various tattoos all over her body, most being covered by tattoos.


Dakota is relatively a pretty easy going person. She's often referred to as a potato for her clumsiness. Over the last few years, she has become more thoughtful and tries her best to contain her heavy temper, although still struggles at times.

Dakota is a softhearted person, and will protect those she considers family with her life and do anything she can for them.

Dakota is constantly battling an addition with Oxy, for when she is using it she becomes emotionally absent and acts purely on instinct, causing her to be very aggressive. Her addiction has a tendency to bring out her dark side, that enjoys to inflict pain on others with her collection of various different knives.

Current Life

After arriving in Los Santos in early 2020, Dakota has changed drastically due to the life you live in this city. She's been apart of a couple different MC's, gone to war with rival gangs as well as the PD, and even gone as far as to commit murder and terrorism. Although she regrets it, she even had a hand in the torture and eventual murder of the woman she had fallen in love with. In the 2 years between her first day, and the day she formed Sinister Souls MC, she had always struggled with a sense of belonging; never quite feeling like she was truly home or fully accepted in her group. However, that feeling has been put to rest and she's finally full of pride for the family she has around her.


  • Danielle Wheeler - Deceased Ex-Fiancée from her home town. The two fell in love quickly and were nearly inseparable, unfortunately being the result of Danielle's death.
  • Rowan Ambrose - Originally the two started out as friends with benefits, however like any good Sapphic couple the two fell pretty hard rather quickly and decided to have an honest conversation on their first date that ended with them deciding to make things official. Since then the two have been practically inseparable and work very well together.
  • Mike Frost - Half Brother; Mike was always a brother to Dakota before having found out after a DNA test that they were infact related. In some moments, Dakota would even think of him as sort of a father figure and often went to him for advice, never keeping any secrets from him.
  • Tokyo Blue - Although the two started out a bit rocky in their old MC, Tokyo and Dakota have grown very close and have a very sibling-like relationship and are often referred to as "Team Toyota".
  • Damien Sharp - Dakota and "Damo" have grown very close over the past year, and have realized just how alike their are. The two joke they have a relationship that mirrors that of Sam and Dean from Supernatural, calling each other "jerk" and "bitch" like the siblings in the show do. They often call each other "Eye Buddies" due to the fact they are both missing an eye on opposite sides, creating a "full set of eyes".
  • Sebastian Santana Velez - Despite the fact that the first day they met Dakota shot off Seb's pinkie toes as punishment for hurting her little brother, the two have grown very close and developed a familial relationship. Seb is often referred to as Dakota's "lap dog" who is obedient to her every command.
  • Orianna Frost - From early on, Dakota had thought of Ori as a daughter and was always very protective of her. She often refers to her as her "Daughter Niece" after finding out she is her Niece by blood. She often refers to her as her "Mini Me" when her alter Olive is fronting, because she acts so much like Dakota is slightly scares her, knowing how irresponsible Dakota can be.

Background Information

Dakota, born "Alexa Stoneman" was brought unwillingly into the life of crime at a very young age by her family. Her mother injured a high ranking mob boss’ wife, ending her athletic career. Because of this and the fact her family owned a small corner store, they were then forced to help transport and sell drugs to repay the debt from her medical bills. On her younger brother Xenon Stoneman’s birthday, they got into a nasty car crash and their mother told Dakota and her father that Xenon had died. A year later, on Dakota’s 12th birthday her mother walked out on them and was never heard from again. A few years later, when Dakota turned 15 she dropped out of high school to help her drunk father sell drugs at his demand, due to his failure to meet the harsh deadlines set by the mob.

Over the years, Dakota had become quite good at pushing drugs and became well known in her area. Eventually, she fell in love and even became engaged at 20 years old after being in a 5 year long relationship with Danielle Wheeler. However, the engagement was short lived as she was forced to witness the torture and murder of her fiancée on her 21st birthday, due to the mob feeling as though she was a distraction to her primary job of pushing drugs. This was the final straw, and she started to formulate a plan to leave.

After 6 months of planning, she approached her father one night with her plan, trying to convince him to come along. Unfortunately, he attacked her in a drunken rage, nearly killing her with a knife. Once he was passed out, Dakota snuck out of the house and stole her father's '69 Charger, crashing it to fake her death and run away.

Over the next 3 years, she legally changed her name to Dakota Black and got a nose job, as well as a few tattoos to try and hide her true identity while travelling the world. Over her lifetime, she kept in close contact with her cousin Mac Jones, the only relative she fully trusted, who eventually convinced her to move to Los Santos to attempt to start a new life with him. Upon entering the city, she had hopes of staying clean and legal.