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Dakota Black-Frost is role-played by WrathyyRP.

General Description

Dakota is the founder and current President of the Sinister Souls MC.

Life Before Los Santos

Dakota was brought unwillingly into the life of crime at a very young age by her family. Her mother injured a high ranking mob bosses’ wife, ending her athletic career. Because of this and the fact her family owned a small corner store, they were then forced to help transport and sell drugs to repay the debt from her medical bills. On her younger brother Xenon Stoneman’s birthday, they got into a nasty car crash and their mother told Dakota and her father that Xenon had died. A year later, on Dakota’s 12th birthday her mother walked out on them and was never heard from again. A few years later, when Dakota turned 15 she dropped out of high school to help her drunk father sell drugs at his demand. Eventually Dakota moved to Los Santos to try and get away from the life her father created for her.