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Cydney Lune is a character portrayed by CydRose.

✨ Background

Cydney Lune, often shortened to "Cyd"


✨ Personality

Cydney began her time in the city with her social walls up and was hesitant to talk to strangers due to her paranoid past, however as she spent more time in Los Santos and realised that the civilians of Los Santos can be friendly people, she quickly opened up and began to make a group of close knit friends (and foes).

✨ Progression

✨ Trivia

  • She can not resist the urge when spotting an active fire hydrant.
  • Tortured her one of her closest friends Tex Graves after he pranked called her.
  • Coined the name "War Magnet" after almost getting RUST into war with CG over a local.
  • Took a knife to a gun fight against Dundee.