Curtis Swoleroid is a character role-played by CurtisRyan.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Curtis Swoleroid is a former member of the Leanbois. He is known as one of the best shooters and combat drivers in Los Santos.

He is a heavily connected man, dealing with guns and large amounts of narcotics (mainly cocaine). He is very straight up and will tell you how it is. He is down to do anything, from daily robberies and gang shootouts to full-blown terrorism. He is also a ladies man, and can often be seen macking on females and joking around.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Curtis was raised by his uncle, Marty Swoleroid, after his father died in prison. Marty taught Curtis how to shoot, hit on girls, and some other things.[1]

Prior to joining the Leanbois, Curtis was a 'gun for hire' with connections to a multitude of gangs, namely Chang Gang.

Leanbois[edit | edit source]

Tony and Buddha approached Curtis to become a member of the Leanbois. They were aware that Curtis wasn't attached to any gang, and thus he accepted their offer. Curtis remained loyal to the Leanbois, doing jobs and fighting wars alongside them against rival gangs.

Although he was a member of the Leanbois, he still remained close to the members within Chang Gang specifically Randy Bullet and Vinny Pistone. However, Curtis stated that he would shoot Chang Gang if a situation called for it.

Curtis took a break from the Leanbois after Tony punched him which escalated into Curtis shooting him. Tony and Buddha called Curtis to talk about the incident, however, they began arguing, with the idea of Curtis leaving. Ellie Dono (one of the closer members to Curtis) talked Curtis into attending therapy. A group therapy session happened but shortly after this incident, Curtis, Tony, and Buddha argued, and eventually, Curtis stormed out of the building and later removed his keys from the Lean Street houses.

Weeks later, Tony and Curtis met at the Tuner Shop and made up. Tony told Curtis he was welcomed back into the Leanbois, Curtis accepted this offer and so they walked back into the tuner shop together, playing the Demons Theme Song.

Curtis was the 'War Commander' and unofficial HR department of the Leanbois. He was the best shooter and combat driver in the gang, often turning the tide in battles against the cops or other gangs. In a final 6v6 battle against Chang Gang, Curtis led the strategy and the Leanbois to victory in Paleto. The war ended shortly after, with both gangs on good terms with one another.

On June 29th, 2020 Curtis had officially left the Leanbois after he felt he wasn’t apart of the group and was undervalued and outcasted amongst the gang. Buddha's conflict with Flippy (one of Curtis' very close friends), only exacerbated the divide in the Leanbois. After his departure on Lean Street, he was shot at by Al Saab for leaving family. Curtis shot Saab down a week later as revenge, ending all ties with the Leanbois.

The Demon of Lean Street[edit | edit source]

Curtis has become synonymous with the alias 'Demon of Lean Street' or 'Demon' for short. The name originated from Curtis saving Ellie Dono from the cops and the South Side Ballas alone, whilst wearing a demon mask and black suit.[2]

In the height of the Leanbois war against the Grove Street Ballas, Curtis and Ellie were defending their turf on lean street against the Ballas. The cops had been alerted to the scene and were patrolling. A shootout ensued between Curtis and the Ballas, with Ellie and Ballas leader Curtis Davis III both going down. Curtis took cover in his house for a couple of minutes, before hearing the cops and remaining Ballas shooting at one another.

Knowing the cops would likely put down the remaining Ballas and take Ellie to prison, Curtis flanked to the mega mall and climbed on top of the roof. From here he used his AK to rain fire upon both the cops and the Ballas, taking each of them down with pinpoint accuracy. After putting down 3 cops and 1 Balla, he scouted the area on foot, killing another cop trying to flee the scene. Curtis then found Ellie and stole a cop car, leaving the scene and the sea of bodies.

The demon mask, black suit and AK made Curtis one of the scariest men in Los Santos, giving him the name the 'Demon' as fellow gangs found out about the gunfight. The name was first said by one of the Ballas as Curtis was taking the cop car.

"It's a Demon!?"

This was one of a number of huge number of shootouts where Curtis killed squads of cops and rival gangs alone, leading him to become renowned as one of the best shooters and combat tacticians in Los Santos. Over time he is slowly moving away from the Demon name, preferring to just be known as Curtis and not an alias, however, the rise of the Demon was a defining moment in not only the war, but in Los Santos.

Nino and Co.[edit | edit source]

Gruppe 6[edit | edit source]

Crew: Nino, Curtis, Randy, JJ

Nino, JJ , and Curtis meet up for the first time together for a dry run. While figuring out how to use explosives, someone who passed by calls the police and detective McCormick arrives. Curtis drives after the car and finds the vehicle hiding in a corner, and McCormick leaves as quick as he came. McCormick crashes and JJ lights up the car and shoots McCormick. McCormick heard a voice that sounded like Nino. Nino calls Buck as the fourth; he is masked, brings a boat, silent, and they continue.

During the real heist, the initial plan goes out the window, and they move towards formulating a new one with Randy because further details come to surface about the heist. A lot of scuff happens during attempting to use the gear, and the "Dockworker" makes his second public appearance to fix it. The explosive only worked for Randy, and thus he became the chosen one. The new plan, for the most part, is stop or die as everything scuffs. Nino shoots two security officers from Group 6. The crew tries to grab as much loot as possible from the truck. Archer is the first to arrive on the scene. Everyone gets in the car, and Curtis drives off for a small chase. The vehicle crashes. Guns blazing, Curtis knocks out Nino, and the rest of the crew finishes the police.

They find an EMS to help Nino up, return to the security truck to check for any loot left, transferred loot to the back of their car, JJ moves the loot to another vehicle (to ship off at a later point), they steal another car, change clothes, drive towards the shore, dump all of the hardware into the ocean, they talk at a house overlooking the sea, and everyone goes their separate ways.

Weapon Transport[edit | edit source]

Groups: Leanbois, Chang Gang, Lost MC, Cop Killa Records

Nino acquired intel from his partners that a weapons cargo would be going to different drop spots in the city with approximately 250k worth of hardware. Nino contacted each group and sold its movement for 25k or five valuable goods.

Al Saab came in clutch and LB got the goods by seconds. CG got the time and fine. CKR got unlucky. Lost MC did not find the transport.

Grand Theft Auto[edit | edit source]

Crew: Curtis, Nino, Randy, JJ

Required crew to steal an exclusive vehicle from a famous actor. Nino ERP'd his way to victory.

Need For Weed[edit | edit source]

Crew: Curtis, Buddha, Ellie, JJ

Nino gives the Leanbois a bulk weed sale. Nino gave Buddha instructions, but Buddha forgot them.

Rosa Roja Cartel[edit | edit source]

Crew: Vinny, Cassle, Curtis, Randy

On June 12, 2020, when Vinny was due for a gun shipment, Cassle called him stating that they "were fucked" - Cassle's men had been intercepted and the guns stolen. The two of them, together with Curtis Swoleroid and Randy Bullet, instigated a stakeout mission to find the missing shipment. They discovered a black Mesa, tailed it, and intercepted the two men in cowboy hats at the Grapeseed Pier. Taking them down to the Vanilla Unicorn torture room, and after extensive interrogation, they discover the men both have red rose tattoos on their wrists - indicating they were part of the Red Rose Cartel that is trying to infiltrate and disrupt the black market of Los Santos. Cassle grills them for the location of his shipment, eventually revealing the shipment in a stored car up in Harmony. The team then takes the two men to the Grapeseed airstrip, where Vinny straps a C4 to their car, and under false pretenses of letting them go, detonates the bomb as they begin to drive off.

Nino's trust for Curtis has only grown, so much so that he told his associates Jay Jarvis and Johhny Cassle, that he trusts Curtis with his life. Furthermore he intends to bring Curtis into the gun business Sahara operates.

Heist Crew[edit | edit source]

Curtis and his long-time friend Jay Jarvis (JJ) have been planning to form an elite heist crew to take on the biggest jobs in Los Santos. The crew will be formed of the best and most versatile criminals in the city, allowing them to take on jobs no other gang are able to. Due to his combat tactics, shooting ability, and connections in the city, Curtis will lead the squad with JJ providing resources.

Curtis immediately asked one of his closest friends Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez to be in the crew, with Flippy having exceptional combat and shooting skills, as well as good synergy with Curtis. Curtis also turned to his old ally and close friend Randy Bullet, seeing him as one of the best shooters and drivers in the city. Flippy and Randy both agreed to join and discussed the final member.

Curtis saw his friend Siz Fulker as a potential fourth man due to his shooting and ability to follow direction well. Furthermore Mikey Merson was an option, as Siz was not on the best terms with Randy's gang Chang Gang.

After a discussion with Flippy and Randy, they decided that Mikey would be the final member, with good driving and exceptional communication and flying skills. Siz would be the reserve fourth man when someone was unavailable.

Further to this, to allow jobs to be carried out in earlier hours Curtis recruited Mary Mushkin, however he did not inform her of the crew as a whole, due to her Quickfix connections and to keep Jay Jarvis a secret.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Chang Gang[edit | edit source]

Curtis was very close to Chang Gang at one point, once he joined the Leanbois his relationships with many members deteriorated. Prior to joining the Leanbois, many believed Curtis would join Chang Gang as they saw Curtis as a major bonus to have in the gang. After leaving the Leanbois, Curtis is once again close with Randy Bullet and Vinny Pistone and Mario le Pipe.

Leanbois[edit | edit source]

Lang Buddha[edit | edit source]

Buddha and Curtis were very close and got into mayhem together, often carrying out big heists, shooting down rival gang member squads, and the police. Buddha was one of the people that invited Curtis into the Leanbois. Curtis respected Buddha for his natural leadership of the Leanbois, however they are no longer allies after Curtis left.

Tony Corleone[edit | edit source]

Tony and Curtis were close but have a rough history together. Curtis often does impersonations of Tony and mocks him, they have good chemistry regardless. Tony invited Curtis to the Leanbois.

Al Saab[edit | edit source]

Saab and Curtis used to be close, often doing jobs together and have interesting conversations about pointless topics. They supported each other, and gave advice to one another when in the gang. When Curtis took a break from the Leanbois, he contacted Saab for support as they were extremely close. Saab respected Curtis' direction in battle and made him 'war commander' after victory against Chang Gang. When Curtis left the Leanbois, Saab was angry and tried to shoot him as he left the family. This has ended their friendship and the two never see one another. Curtis shot Saab down a week later as revenge.

Denzel Williams[edit | edit source]

Denzel and Curtis are not the closest but have had their great moments together. They once shot down the Russian Mafia and stole their striped Adidas sweatpants and vodka. After Denzel murdered Ricky Robins, Curtis drove around with Denzel and tried to comfort him and make sure he did not do any drugs like he said he was.

"I'll help you kill other people, not yourself." - Curtis to Denzel

Ellie Dono[edit | edit source]

Ellie and Curtis had a very close bond, especially during the war with the South Side Ballas. As time went by they slightly lost that bond, focusing on different things. . Ellie and Curtis did one 'gameshow' in demon masks that Ellie had been wanting to do, where they kidnapped and eventually killed if they failed a 'game/challenge'. The Demon name Curtis acquired was due to him saving Ellie against the Ballas and police. Now Curtis and Ellie don’t get along as they have been extremely distant and when Curtis was talking to Ellie about his problems for the 4th time in 6 months involving leaving the leanbois it was like Curtis was talking to a brick wall.

Eugene Zuckerberg[edit | edit source]

Curtis and Eugene were good friends who often did jobs together. Eugene often sells small weapons and attachments to Curtis. Curtis respects Eugene and sees him as understanding. They got very close prior to Curtis leaving the Leanbois, with Eugene agreeing with many of Curtis' feelings. Despite leaving, Eugene and Curtis still have respect for one another and often joke around.

Swolcainovs[edit | edit source]

A group of friends including - Curtis Swoleroid, Dimitri Barkov, and Luther Caine. The group started in the Maze Bank Arena parking lot, whilst Curtis was taking a break from the Leanbois. The group was formed just hours before Luther shot Dimitri's dick off.

Payne Gang[edit | edit source]

On May 28th, 2020, Matthew Payne inducted Curtis into Payne Gang.[3]

On June 26th, 2020, Vinny Pistone and Matthew Payne brought Curtis, Flippy, and Randy into the Warehouse business.

Curtis and Mathew Payne had a disagreement when trying to plan a mission, But Curtis and Mathew Payne have a understanding that if Payne needs some help he can always pay Curtis to do something.

Other[edit | edit source]

Juan Carlos Hernandez[edit | edit source]

Curtis and Flippy are very close friends who often do big jobs together. Curtis normally goes to Flippy when he needs someone to talk to. Curtis does a majority of his jobs with Flippy, they also spend a great amount of time shitlording with each other. While Curtis was having issues with fellow members of the Leanbois, Tony Corleone, Flippy told Curtis he would have his back over the other Leanbois. These two often team up with Siz Fulker for jobs and to just hang out.

Siz Fulker[edit | edit source]

Curtis and Siz are usually known among their friends as the Demon (Curtis) and the Demon‘s Shadow (Siz.) Siz says that when doing a big job using heavy guns that he is more confident and prepared whenever Curtis is around the city as Curtis is the best guide for Siz as he plans his attacks and leads the way, which Siz knows he needs in a big job. Curtis has noticed that one of Siz’s strong points is that he’s a quick learner and he knows that Siz is the best man for him to teach and have his back in dangerous situations as Siz listens to his plans and executes them to a tee. Flippy, Siz, and Curtis usually team up to do big jobs/planned shootouts against the Police. When Matt-A-Gamer tells Siz that Curtis is doing a big job, Siz texts Curtis with two words: "Mask Check". Siz and Curtis participated in the Million Dollar Race together. Curtis is Siz's mentor.

Nino Chavez[edit | edit source]

Curtis is involved heavily in Nino's heist crew. Often being the right-hand man to Nino while Nino deals guns and acquires information about possible heists. Nino while in a meeting with Johnny Castle and Jay Jarvis Nino stated that he trusts Curtis with his life. Nino often comes to Curtis to get information about certain people and groups. Curtis is one of the few people to know about Nino's illegal backside, Curtis gets told information about guns and heists before most people do. Curtis and Nino work alongside Jay Jarvis. Curtis has started pushing guns for Nino and JJ but has been put on hold as guns have not been coming to the city frequently.

Jay Jarvis[edit | edit source]

Jay Jarvis, known as JJ, is one of the best shooters in the city, alongside Curtis and Flippy. JJ is involved in Nino's business and is/was Curtis' main connect for guns. JJ and Nino gave Curtis one of the four deagles in the city after Curtis accepted the offer to push guns. They have developed a good friendship and Curtis has invited JJ to multiple jobs, which JJ declined as he wants his record to stay clean so there would be no suspicion of his dealing. They frequently race together and hang out with each other with JJ asking Curtis to lead his heist crew.

Alabaster Slim[edit | edit source]

Curtis and Slim are good friends who used to jobs very frequently with each other before Slim became the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn. Curtis and Denzel Williams offered the LBA to Slim, which he accepted. Slim often calls Curtis if he needs someone dead or if he needs protection.

Fiona Stewart[edit | edit source]

Fiona is Curtis' racing partner and a good friend. Curtis is slowly trying to turn Fiona to a life of crime as she is currently crime-free. Curtis often macks on Fiona and Curtis seems quite protective over Fiona, coming to her aid on several occasions. Curtis' friend's often joke that Curtis and Fiona are a couple.

Mary Mushkin[edit | edit source]

When Mary first came back to the city she did a couple of jobs with Curtis.

Mary used to call him "Daddy", but stopped after she got engaged to Alabaster Slim. Curtis often macks on Mary.

Mary has also assisted Curtis in a special heist to get him his "demon" car, where they, alongside others, stole cars and stripped them for parts.

When Summer Mersion was shot and robbed of her tuner chip by Curtis and other members of the Leanbois, Mary instantly came to her aid and went hunting for the people responsible, after finding them, she shot Curtis down before fleeing. After a short while, Mary and Curtis spoke and came to a deal where the Leanbois would forgive Mary for shooting them, and, in return, she would give them 20 thermite. The deal went smoothly with Mary giving Curtis the thermite personally and inviting him to a special heist.

Although Curtis doesn't hold a grudge against Mary for shooting him, Mary has stated to other people that as a result of what happened she only trusts Curtis, but not other members of the Leanbois.

Kanye Mushkin[edit | edit source]

Kanye sells cocaine and other sorts of drugs. Kanye offers to help with anything the Leanbois need, mainly for Curtis and Al Saab. Kanye has recently shown his loyalty to Curtis. Kanye shot at OTT after OTT attempted a drive-by on Curtis.[4] Kanye shot ADA Cameron Dupres on Curtis' order and helped him clean up what they thought was murder at the time due to Cameron having no breath. He has also been holding down the taco shop.

Marty Swoleroid [edit | edit source]

Marty Swoleroid is Curtis' Uncle. Marty raised Curtis because Curtis' father died in prison. Marty taught Curtis how to shoot, how to mack on girls, and some other things. Marty is Curtis' favorite uncle because he acted as a father figure.[5]

Claire Seducer[edit | edit source]

Claire and Curtis have a love-hate relationship. They often roll together with Flippy and Olga. The two frequently run around and mess with each other and other people. They do jobs together every once in awhile.

Other Missions[edit | edit source]

Random Missions Curtis has participated in.

Heists From Past To Present
Title Crews Involved Description
Smuggling For The Cartel Dexx
Dexx was contacted by El Cartel from Vice City, they requested a shipment of half a ton of marijuana. Dexx orchestrated the huge shipment of drugs by plane. He received help from Leanbois members BuddhaSaab and Curtis, as well as fellow GSF members James McAfee and Deandre “DJ” Jackson. The operation was a success and Dexx earned half a million dollars, he plans to make more shipments soon.

Infecting Sonya Summers

Lost MC

Siz was contracted by The Lost MC and Leslie Ling to capture Sonya Summers. The Lost MC wanted her killed on camera and Leslie wanted her infected with 4 different diseases: Leprosy, Ringworm, Swine Flu, and HIV. Siz brought Curtis into the job. Fred and Huck came along because Siz and Curtis needed a recording and some help with capturing Sonya. Once they found Sonya, she was blindfolded and brought to Alabaster Slim's torture room. Siz mixed the 4 diseases and put them into a syringe. While Sonya was telling her side of the story, Siz dropped the syringe on the floor and had to search with Curtis to find it. Once it was found, Siz accidentally squirted Curtis with the dangerous liquid. Curtis then took off the jacket the substance was on and threw it at Siz. Once her story was finished, Siz injected the needle into her while Curtis held her still. Huck filmed the whole thing for the Lost MC. Curtis pulled out a silenced heavy pistol and shot her 4 times in the back of the head. Siz and Curtis dumped her body behind the old carpet factory and anonymously called the EMS.

Murders[edit | edit source]

James Carter [edit | edit source]

On Monday, July 8th, 2019, after a dispute between the Leanbois and Vagos against The Families in an ongoing war, James Carter was gunned down after a car chase by Curtis and Speedy by the Los Santos River. His body was brought and dumped out the front of Pillbox Medical Center where he was found by members of the EMS and later confirmed dead by Dr. Kai King.

Pavel Voronin [edit | edit source]

While trying to defend the docks on a building rooftop during the war with the Leanbois, he ended up being shot down by Curtis Swoleroid. He was heavily injured had severe burns and was riddled with multiple gunshot wounds all over his body. Three days later he succumbed to his injuries in the ICU.

Paul Blart[edit | edit source]

Curtis received a phone call from Buck Colton asking for help kidnapping and killing Paul for revenge. Curtis accepted the offer. Once kidnapped, Curtis tried to set up the Leanboi Special but could not find a gas tanker. He used a truck instead, Paul was killed on impact.[6]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Wait wut?"
  • "Get fucked (Insert name)"
  • "Tears are just lube"
  • " What'd you say?
  • "Imma be honest.... I wasn't paying attention"
  • "SHUT UP (insert name)"
  • "pls bro pls"
  • "Mhmmm...mmmm...hmmm"
  • "Jaysuus"
  • "Scumbaaaag"

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Gang Afilliated.png
Drugs and Alcohol.png

  • Accessory to Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x1
  • Accessory to Escaping Custody x2
  • Accessory to First Degree Robbery x1
  • Accessory to Robbery x3
  • Accessory to Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x1
  • Assault x1
  • Assault on a Peace Officer x1
  • Assault with Deadly Firearm x5
  • Assault with Deadly Weapon x23
  • Attempted Manslaughter x11
  • Attempted Murder x6
  • Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x9
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x9
  • Battery x1
  • Battery on a Peace Officer x1
  • Burglary x1
  • Criminal Possession of Government-issued Firearm x2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x42
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x36
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x21
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x2
  • Evading x13
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x3
  • Felony Possession of Crack Cocaine x1
  • Felony Possession of Marijuana x2
  • Felony Trespassing x1
  • First Degree Robbery x2
  • Grand Larceny x1
  • Hit and Run x1
  • Joyriding x13
  • Kidnapping x16
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine x15
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY or METH x34
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x19
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana x5
  • Negligent Driving x3
  • Obstruction of Justice x1
  • Possession of a Silencer or Suppressor x3
  • Reckless Evading x26
  • Removed Weapons License x3
  • Resisting Arrest x21
  • Robbery x27
  • Third Degree Speeding x1
  • Trespassing x1
  • Unauthorized Parking x2
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x6
  • Vandalism x1
  • Vandalism of Government Property x2

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