Curtis Swoleroid is a character roleplayed by CurtisRyan.

Background Edit

Curtis Swoleroid is a member of the Leanbois, but he has pretty good ties and has a lot of connections with many people throughout Los Santos.

Chang Gang Edit

Although his time with the Chang Gang only really came to robbing banks, as well as other things. It never really materialized and remained an associate of the gang.

Leanbois Edit

Tony & Buddha, approached him to become a member of the Leanbois as they were aware he wasn't attached to any gang and accepted their offer.

Although a member of the Leanbois, he still remains close to the members within Chang Gang specifically Randy Bullet but stated he would shoot Chang Gang if it came to it.

Ellie Dono and Curtis have become close partners in crime, usually working together when other members of the Leanbois are not present. Curtis is protective of Ellie since she is new to the criminal lifestyle. #Curlie > #Braab

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