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Curtis Davis III was a character role-played by SilentSentry.


Curtis Davis III was the former leader of the South Side Ballas gang. Growing up on Grove St. made Curtis into a ruthless cop killer. Curtis wore his flags with pride, and was never afraid to defend his turf.


On August 27, 2019, Curtis attempted a vault robbery at the city bank with Emmanuel Biggs and Damian Frost. There was confusion by the police during negotiations on whether the hostage, Zee Nanakaze, was a legitimate hostage. To prove to the police that the hostage was legitimately in danger, Curtis fired shots within the bank, threatening Zee's life.

Brittany Angel, the primary officer on scene, called for a breach into the city bank, believing the hostage was in danger. In the ensuing firefight, Curtis was shot and killed by AJ Hunter.

Played By: SilentSentry
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