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Cuddles Fish is a character role-played by ArtByBaha.


  1. She's asleep. She knows she's asleep. But she sits up in bed anyway. Ah yes, this must be a dream. She has no bed in her apartment. The room is empty. The bed is there, a plain draped window, a door. No ornament nor decoration anywhere. Cold emptiness. Stale air. Despite knowing she still sleeps, she stands. The flesh of her arms raise in goosebumps. She wonders if she is standing in her sleep or if that is only the dream. She extends her hand, reaching out. Her fingers tremble. The wall before her is within reach, but somehow she can't seem to touch it, her shaking fingertips falling short. She can almost hear it. Laughter. Dancing around the edges of her perception, His mocking laughter threatens. But it is the memory of His laughter she hears, for all around her is emptiness. The floor drops out from below her suddenly, throwing her into the air, plummeting her into darkness! She falls heavily, jarring her knee on the plastic floor of her pink apartment. He no longer pursues her. Perhaps he never did. Perhaps she imagined it all to feel desired. She needs Him less now. Though even in her dreams, she thinks of him. She guards her thoughts lest too much thinking somehow call Him back to her.