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Cuck Clarkson was a character role-played by Ramee.

General Information

Cuck first entered the city of Los Santos on June 20th, 2019 in search of his father- Conan Clarkson. He was most well known for the way he spat when he spoke, which he used to scare away the Ballas, and his tight shorts.

The life of Cuck

While being arrested for Jaywalking, he used his impressive capability to spit-talk, distracting the cops and aiding him in escaping custody. As he was running away from the cops, he ran into members of the Ballas- who later stabbed Cuck due to his spit getting on one of the members shirts.

Once he had recovered from the hospital, he ran into a man that claimed to be his father (who was actually Mr. Chang, unknown to Cuck). Mr Chang told Cuck that he was not impressed with his Ranger work and wanted him to complete certain tasks to show his potential. As a result of this, Cuck was made to run up a mountain that was homeland to Mountain Lions- unfortunately, he was brutally attacked by a lone lion. This led Mr Chang to tell Cuck that he was disappointed in him and no longer wanted to be his father.

He has not been seen since Mr Chang left him on that mountain.

Played By: Ramee
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