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Crystal Clear | Torture / Kidnappings



While metal detecting, a grey Bison came up to Crystal Clear. The driver referred to himself as 'Billy'. Crystal and ‘Billy’ would metal detect for almost an hour. After a while, he asked C.Clear if she would want to go hunting with him, Crystal was hesitant, but eventually agreed to it. While in the vehicle 'Billy' asked Crystal to drive them to a 'Nice ledge' to which C.Clear obliged. 'Billy' sat in the back seat and when they arrived at a ledge, he deemed suitable he pointed a gun to the back of C.Clear's head ordering her out of the car. Once she was out of the vehicle, 'Billy' proceeded to stab her in the gut. He then brought her over to the edge of the cliff, where he would begin torturing her.

'Billy' started by cutting off Clear's toes and forcing Crystal to eat her own severed toes. Where Crystal would then throw up next to her head. Next, 'Billy' began cutting into her side, where he removed her pancreas. Before moving on, he injected Clear’s arm with morphine. This was so she wouldn't pass out from pain. 'Billy', now kneeling next to C.Clear’s head, began drilling three holes into her skull and wedging a knife in them, to break out a chunk of her skull. He would then cut off a small piece of her brain. During this C.Clear started passing out again, so 'Billy' injected another shot of morphine into her. After that, he tried getting Crystal to consume the piece of her brain, but she wouldn’t open her mouth. ‘Billy’ opted to grab her throat and make her open it to breathe, Crystal started coughing and choking, giving ‘Billy’ the ability to force the piece of brain into her mouth.

Crystal finally passed out, and ‘Billy’ left her on the mountain. After almost 20 minutes a PD cruiser arrived. EMS was immediately called and took 10 minutes to arrive, where some immediate treatment could be done. Shortly after, a helicopter arrived where Crystal was flown to Pillbox and treated on by Tsury Nanakaze.