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"Gentleman I present a solution. Crypto Technology is an ever evolving system unregulated, decentralized, and untrackable!"

Cryptofer Coin is the Head of Finance for the state. As Head of Finance, Cryptofer proposes they move all the states money from the banks into NFTs. Untraceable Untaxable. Opening up a world of digital art untraceable through digital blockchain technology. The idea is to mint the unique tokens and tell people to invest to buy the dip.

State vs The Lost Arc

Lost MC began a war against Los Santos in hopes of a secession from the state and become its own entity. Leading to a huge war between the Unified Police Department and the Lost MC and allies.

Cryptofer was brought into the Los Santos Police Department for financial guidance and regulation into how the State/Government officials smartly spend the money on war.


''Hello Everybody I'm Cryptofer Coin. I'm here to regulate the economy in this war and make sure that we are not spending assets that are not possible to spend. Yes i am talking about blockchain technology decentralized, unregulated, & un-trackable. With this efforts we will make sure that the war straight in the night place and we can actually win not only the physical battle but the financial one as well. Thank You"

Cryptofer suggests the token assets onto Lost MC land claim. Coin states "why not just mint the land that they claim onto an NFT. The Rule is to never sell you hold until the moon. Diamond hands baby yes. we funded a Non-Fungible Token onto an NFT and then we keep it forever"

"Im saying digital gold my friend"

"Never sell anything. To the moon baby"