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Crocodile Steve is a character role-played by Whippy.

General Description

Crocodile Steve is an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #480.


Steve is a hardass towards criminals, regularly taunting and mocking them, often with his megaphone. He particularly enjoys taunting the Bondi Boys MC. But while he may act tough towards criminals, he shows almost simpering deference to almost everyone ranked higher than him.

Steve is obsessed with being acknowledged as one of the LSPD's elite pursuit drivers and will often pester his fellow officers and even High Command about it. However, Steve can put his money where his mouth is and excels at Trooper Soze's Interceptor Timed Trials. His fellow officers will often rip him for his driving to mess with him, but they as well as criminals are well-aware of how dangerous he is as a pursuer.

Steve also takes pride in his "666" badge number and will do almost anything to keep it. He went so far as to bribe Troopers Soze and Andrews before his Final Eval to ensure he retained it after promotion (which they graciously accepted).

Ultimately his bribes didn't work though. Upon being promoted to Officer he was made to change his badge number by Trooper Jack Ripley.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Promoted to Officer; Badge #480 July 22nd, 2021

Criminal Record

  • Contempt of Court x1


Type Plate Value Description
Croc personal car.png

Crown Victorian
CROCBLOC $80K Bought by Crocodile Steve after a personal loan.

Played By: Whippy
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