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Cora Star is a character role-played by ms_star.

General Description[]

Cora Star is a Patched Member for the Already Dead MC.


Cora Star is a street racer who is a crazy, emotional as well as extremely loyal and selfless woman. She feeds off the energy of others and can become stressed because of it. However even with this flaw she has proven to be reliable in any situation.

It is hard for people to gain Cora’s trust and even harder for her to open up to them. As such Cora is very selective about people she calls friends and even more so family.


Much of Cora’s history is unknown as she doesn’t trust, nor open up to people easily.

Cora’s dad was killed while she was young. She associates his death with him being in a gang which resulted in her being reluctant to become part of one for a long time.

Cora was part of a heist racing crew whose downfall began with letting in a new guy that ultimately snitched on the group. A mistake that led to a lot of people dying. A mistake that Cora never forgave herself. As a result she became doubtful of new people, observing even the smallest things to not make the same mistake again. After that it was not possible for Cora to stay and she fled to Los Santos.


  • Cora’s state ID is 1092


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