Cop Killa Records is a Los Santos based record label.

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Cop Killa Records (CKR) was founded in 2019 by Alabaster Slim and Yung Dab. It was previously known as "Drug Dealer Records", as both the founding members were known drug dealers.

The studio name was changed to "Cop Killa Records" after Yung Dab shot his first cop (Jenny Hall) with Slim and Lang Buddha, during a Jewelry Store heist.

Outto Tune Tyrone joined the label soon after arriving in the city, and he was quickly promoted to Senior Artist of the label by Yung Dab.

Outto Tune Tyrone has went on to create his own record label Creampie Creations and created his own crew called the Misfits. Yung Dab was convicted of terrorism and has been transferred to different prisons all across the country. Currently it is believed that Cop Killa Records (CKR) is a front for nefarious activities in the city although it's just speculation and very difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

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  • Lil Dub aka W - Still makes music promoting the record label even though most other artists have left. Currently he lives a life of crime to make ends meet and is in and out of prison. His SoundCloud is LIL DUB
  • Dexx Martin Triple OG member of The Families. His first ever official track Spray And Pray reached +50k plays in 4 months with unique flow and raw delivery. His SoundCloud is Dexx
  • Aaron Flocko is severely in debt from his criminal activities, and he now he is looking for more recognition among the city and gain favor among those who can help him make cash quick.

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