Coop Holliday is a character role-played by thaCOOP.

General Description Edit

Coop Holliday is the former Chief Justice, and currently serving as a Judge, for the Department of Justice. Dennis LaBarre now holds the title of Chief Justice (and LaBarre still wants to fire Coop). He has been in the city of Los Santos for longer than almost everyone.

Various ConnectionsEdit

Coop is well known for his exploits in his relationships, and is overall friendly to most people. He has an ongoing "friend-with-benifits" relationship with Lauren Forcer , but can be overheard talking about any of his regular hook-up adventures with various people all over Los Santos. Coop has one of the more personal relationships with the police force, compared to the other Judges. He can often be seen riding along in cop cars to get a first-person view of how the city is functioning. He's also known for holding private meetings with Command/High Command members to discuss charges, the penal code, and/or the state of the relationship between the DoJ and the police force. Coop has teased on several occasions about joining the LSPD (and even has a uniform picked out), but until he can hang up his Judge Robes, that hope is far from a reality.

Fun FactsEdit

Almost seen sporting some fashionable one-of-a-kind sunglasses to match any outfit.

Clips Edit

Old ServerEdit

  1. Thanks Luigi

New ServerEdit

  1. Coop communicating with a "Walker"
  2. Coop breaks everyone's immersion

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