Coop Holliday is a character role-played by thaCOOP.

General Description Edit

Coop Holliday is a Judge for the Department of Justice. He has been in the city of Los Santos for longer than almost everyone.

Coop previously stepped down from the DOJ to experience life as a cop, however returned stating the DOJ needed him back to help run the city.

Various ConnectionsEdit

Coop is well known for his exploits in his relationships and is overall friendly to most people. He had an ongoing "friend-with-benefits" relationship with Lauren Forcer, but can be overheard talking about any of his regular hook-up adventures with various people all over Los Santos.

Coop has one of the more personal relationships with the police force, compared to the other Judges. He can often be seen riding along in cop cars to get a first-person view of how the city is functioning. He's also known for holding private meetings with Command/High Command members to discuss charges, the penal code, and/or the state of the relationship between the DOJ and the police force.

Panel of Justices Edit

Coop was the first Chief Justice for the DOJ in Los Santos. In late 2018, he handed over the position to Dennis LaBarre and supported as a Judge. In early 2020, the Panel of Justices was created, consisting of Coop, Labarre and Wayne Ardson. Their titles changed to Justice, and the Chief Justice position was unfilled.

Coop stepped down from the Panel of Justices when he became a cop, with Judge Holden filling the third-panel slot. Since returning to the DOJ, Coop mentioned potentially becoming the Chief Justice once again.

Los Santos Police Department Edit

Coop becoming a cop first started as joke between himself, Jackie Snow and Olivia Copper. This joke eventually became a short-lived reality.

On February 8th, 2020, Coop left his role as Justice, and became a Cadet for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #556.

On March 13th, 2020, Coop resigned from the LSPD and returned to the DOJ as a Judge, stating the DOJ needed him back to help run the city. Since returning to the DOJ, Coop mentioned potentially becoming the Chief Justice once again.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Wrote the original laws/charges as the first Chief Justice.
  • Only person to officially have a law named after him (Coop's Law).
  • Childhood friends with Nino Chavez (they touched tips).
  • Almost always seen sporting some fashionable one-of-a-kind sunglasses to match any outfit.
  • Has his own song, Officer Coop Holliday (feat. Coop Holliday).

Clips Edit

New ServerEdit

  1. Coop and Siz visit the Southside
  2. Coop tells Nino his beliefs differ from the current DoJ
  3. Coop communicating with a "Walker"
  4. Coop breaks everyone's immersion
  5. Lauren teased for 'Ellen' haircut by Coop & Soze
  6. Coop breaks Penta and Penta breaks Coop
  7. 'DJ Coop Holliday' (live from MIAMI!) at a club
  8. Coop accepts he needs to be a beta cadet
  9. Coop tries to hit on the Chief, and is one-upped instantly.
  10. Coop hands in his cop badge to help DoJ as Judge

Old Server Edit

  1. Thanks Luigi

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